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Raptor Paddock Rip-off

Am I the only player who has noticed that the current raptor paddock is a dubious use of resources? It’s bad enough that the new mods aren’t nearly as user friendly as the previous versions, but I’ve observed that I’ll expend a greater number of resources only to be “rewarded” with the same mod every time with the completely lame “prize wheels.” For heavens sake Ludia, do you really think that displeasing your customers is a sustainable business model?

Like others who have voiced their displeasure with the direction this game is going, I’ve had enough. It’s been a “fun” four years…


I would say that a nice feature of this paddock versus the old paddock is I get to decide what resource I am going to use. For instance on the previous paddock it could be either Coin, Food, DNA, or DinoBucks to progress the bar forward and I had no line of sight to what resource would be needed until I spent the current one. Granted if I had at least a lvl ten of every Jurassic creature (which I eventually did) I could be ensured that I would not have to spend any DinoBucks to progress to the Legendary Boosters. But I would end up spending Coins, Food, and DNA on the way. Once I got those boosters they sat and gathered dust as I almost never used them in PvP as they were not something that I was interested in.

The new Paddock I get to decide exactly which resources I will use, I can choose to spend Millions of coins a day if I choose or food or DNA or DinoBucks, I get to choose. I think this is an added benefit over the prior paddock as I know exactly what I am getting into when I go into that part of the game. Do I wish they would add some way to get the Legendary MODs with out spending DB of course I do, but I am also not expecting them to do so. I get a fair amount of the Super Rare ones based on how many spins of the Rare wheel I do a day. The MODs are far better (IMHO) than the boosters were as there is a higher level of strategy that is needed to play them. The PvP rewards are actually really good with the amount and frequency you can collect SDNA from those fights.

Just wanted to give a counter perspective, as I am very happy I now have a spot to drop hundreds of millions a coin a day that used to just sit and collect dust.

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No, you’re not the only player who feels this way. A bunch of people dislike (or even outright despise) the Mods.

I dislike Mods as well and choose not to keep any on hand, in my inventory (unless I absolutely have to for certain events). But even so- I would stop shy of calling Mods utterly useless; especially since at least some other players do enjoy them. In short- Mods are garbage to me, but I do choose to respect the fact that others like them.

I wouldn’t know for sure as I haven’t even tried all of the news Mods out, but to me at least they’re all equally bad (Thats just my personal opinion on Mods).

Agreed completely with the issue itself- I do notice that the “prize wheel,” (if you’d even call it that) for Mods typically lands on the same one or two Mod/s every time. I understand your frustration on this point (if you’re searching for variety), but personally this one doesn’t matter to me because I don’t want any Mods.

But as far as a “sustainable business model,” I think you’re taking this a bridge too far. Ludia’s been using this prize wheel system for years and the game’s doing pretty well. Even if you and I don’t like the Mods the game will certainly keep trucking along.

This (What we choose to do about Mods) is where I think you and I will diverge on this matter… I don’t like Mods either but I also don’t believe they’re worth quitting the game over. I’m still enjoying the game just fine by mostly ignoring Mods.

In the end of the day I do respect your opinion, but Mods just aren’t that serious to me to quit this game.

To be honest, I didn’t like the mods at first. But spending coins on mods, the using them in pvp mod is the way I go now. I think the pvp mod wheel is the best place to get s dna and I seem to get a lot of legendary Dino’s as well.