Raptor Redemption Recruiting

Hi there are you looking for an alliance where you can grow, grind and raid? RaptorRedemption is the place for you!

What we Offer!
Make tier 7-9 rewards weekly
Make tier 8-9 championship rewards monthly
Have clustered sancs to grind your dna ASAP
Have a well organized Discord server with:
Cash links
Update info
Apex creature stats
Raid organization
Raid strats
Off topic

If eligible:
An apex raid channel
Apex strats

We donate generously
Set up and maintain sancs on request

But: Ask not what the alliance can do for you, ask what you can do for the alliance!

We ask of you to:
Join our discord
Do your DBI daily (10 PvP takedowns)
Do your 10 takedowns during weekend tournaments

If unable due to real life:
Notify us prior and you’ll be excused

If not qualified for tournaments:
Progress to the point where you are within 4 weeks.

Interested? Join or hop on discord and send a DM to: Poezzzie#2713

Can i join please?

I don’t have discord but im level 13 and Im good on pvp i have a little more of 3150 trophies

What is your username, including your code? You can reply here or DM me.

Can i join please