Raptor Runs

When your working towards that prized Indoraptor, sunset means keeping an eye out for raptors. When you see one off in the distance, you throw your shoes and coat on and take off down the road. This I call going on a raptor run. With the time change, this means an extra hour of running time.

May the snow hold off till Christmas. I need a LOT of raptors. I calculate close to 60,000 raptor DNA from this point. May I dart well on Indoraptor day. Every 10 DNA is about 3250 less raptor dna I’ll need.


Good luck! I unlocked mine thanks to the Halloween scents and Trex/Indom spawns and now ive got a level 24, close to level 25 Indoraptor ^_^!.

Its a great dinosaur, it will add a few hundred to your average trophy count for sure!

60,000…wow. And here i am thinking I was close with only 20k. Although I do have 21 Indoraptor dna from darting during an event.

I have plenty of room on my team.

So I got 54 DNA from yesterday’s event. I’m at 108/250. That is 15 maximum fuses x 2000 left. That is 30,000 Raptor DNA just for “Goldie”, my wife’s name for the Indoraptor. I have my indo-rex maxed so I have 6 fuses available before having to need raptors for him. To have enough I-rex DNA I need a maximum of 9 I-rex’s x 5 fuses per 50 DNA x 500 = 22500 Raptor DNA. 30,000 + 22,500 = 52,500 max raptor DNA to finish worst case.
Every fuse I get that is more than 10, especially on Goldie is a maximum of 4500 less raptor DNA I will need.

I’m an engineer. I have to do worst case analysis stack ups so I’m into the math. With the chance of fuses more than 10 I’m most likely will only need up around 35K raptor DNA. May the RNG be good to me as I go along.