Raptor scent question

So I just used $200.00 in game cash for a raptor scent! And in the 20 mins the scent is going NOT one raptor appears, not one! Love this game but dispointed with this. It even said at least one rare raptor is guaranteed. Can I get my cash back, another raptor scent, or some rare raptor DNA at least for this malfunction?

just used mine, 15 Velociraptor, 3 Owens raptors(forget which ones) and one pyroraptor. double spawns on all but 1. id be pissed too

I bought a couple of those scent, but use it only at night, just to be safe as I think velo spawn more at night.
So far btw 5 to 7 raptors spawn per scent, plus Charlie, Echo, Delta randomly appearing.

Contact the support team they should either give you a new scent or a refund!

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Scents always work considerably better if youre walking. I used a raptor scent tonight while walking my dog and got 16 raptors, 2 utahs and a couple of the raptor pack

Hey @MikeStina, I’m sorry to hear that your Raptor Scent did not work as intended. Can you reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com so that they can take a closer look at your account in order to figure out what might be happening? If you can include your support key in the e-mail you’d really be helping us out. Thanks!

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That’s awful! I hope you get the raptors you need. Let us know when Ludia fixes it for you!

Just did another scent. 8 velociraptors, 1 Utahraptor, 1 Echo.

How are you guys getting 20 dinos out of a single scent? In my experience the scent lasts 20 min with dinos spawning at 2 minute intervals… 10 dinos

If you are stationary like at your house or something 1 Dino spawns per 2 minutes. If you are walking around 2 dinos spawn. If you go to fast like driving in a car, it goes back down to 1 Dino.

In my experience, I dart the first one standing in place. Then I grab the second one and start walking while darting the second one. If you look on YouTube some users posted videos of the scent mechanics.

Thanks I just sent an email over with my support key

Whew. I just had this happen to me tonight/this morning. I had already sent a message to support email I found on the website before coming to the forum. See that it is an uncommon occurrence, but not unheard of.

Don’t waste your time, they emailed me back and gave me instructions like, walk around and stuff like that. (Which I was). They never responded to me asking if they can give me back my game money, give a new scent to me, some raptor DNA or SOMETHING.

I just bought and used a raptor scent… also at daytime :frowning:

No Raptors at all …

Nevermind what i said. Now suddenly 2 Raptors apear on same moment.

Just what DJAlz said… its best to use at night. I was using it now Because i need less than 20p … to bring my Indoraptor to lvl 23