Raptor Scent

So, I was excited to get a raptor scent. Thought it would be a good time to get some DNA to boost my raptors.

Only problem is that there was a strike event in the middle of the area. At least three of the raptors where stuck in the strike event and I was not able to get to them.

Very disappointed since I paid 200 Cash to get it.!


Yep this exact problem is why im cancelling my VIP subscription if its not fixed in the next update.

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needs to be fixed asap, very irritating and its been a problem for quite awhile

i got an epic stuck there yesterday…what a pity…

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I’ve lost a few dinos to this issue as well. So until they get it fixed, when I’m hunting with capsules, I try my best to time it so that my circle of influence isn’t contacting any Strike Towers when the dinos spawn.

No doubt it makes me look like a crazy person when I suddenly do a 180 and start jogging the opposite way for a bit, only to stop for a few minutes then continue on in my original direction.


Aha I do it so many times :joy:

Best advice is indeed to make sure when the dinosaurs are about to pop to stay away from any tower…

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I do that ALL the time LOL, the direction switching thing!
Like ill collect from a supply drop, start walking and catch something, then look back and the tower has refreshed again (dunno if this is a bug but it happens a lot) and then walk back a few metres…cap it…then turn around again LOL.

I would look like a nut case for sure haha!

Or when im in the street doing a battle and have the RNG bugger me out of a win, and then start yelling everything under the sun!

Little bit of Trivia: This is generally why I do voice overs for my arena matches and not voice recorded at the time of the battle…pretty sure id get a Life Sentence in the ELECTRIC CHAIR if you heard me during a losing streak hahahaha!

Maybe one day ill record a video and upload it to my channel, wouldn’t be able to post it here though for obvious reasons lol!

Or you could do what the extremely clever people do and walk a few steps to the side before activating the scent capsule.

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When I’m in the street doing Strike Towers, I manage to keep my frustrations silent (though no doubt my facial expressions give the game away).

But when I’m at home and I’m on a losing streak, the first few battles it’s just facial expressions. Then, if I continue to lose I become vocal, but not intelligibly so. At a guess I’d say my frustrated cacophony sounds like a cross between an asthmatic raptor and a drunken Parasaurolophus.


Not always an option.

When I’m sitting inside at my desk at work, my location varies by a couple blocks. Sometimes it’s two blocks to the east, sometimes two blocks to the west, and occasionally it’s the same block I’m actually in.

And it can jump from one location to another at any time. It’s frustrating because even if I did start the scent capsule in a clear area, I could still find myself near a strike event before the timer runs out.

Yeah my iPad mini 2 which is old as jumps around like a gymnast tree frog on a hot plate!

This was a surprise!


Oh wow I just realised looking at that pic that the new raptor scents might just be the way I can get the last 20 DNA I need to unlock Pyrritator :heart_eyes:

I literally never see Pyro unless its the event Dino! And even then I generally want Blue DNA because I would love a high level (or at least useable level lol) Blue on my team!
I would gladly give up a couple hundred trophy average to have Blue on my team!

Or you could activate the raptor scent capsule and get absolutly nothing!!! So far Ludia hasn’t done anything about it.

That would be bad.

I messed myself up the last time I bought one. Started it and then the dogs wanted out. By the time I remembered it, it was over.

If you get nothing when activating the scent, quit the game and restart it. Worked for me.

This was a waste not one dinosaur showed up period! I’m so mad for wasting my 200 on this!!!

Contact support. Not getting any dinos when activating the scent is a bug in the game. Support should be able to get your money or scent back.

This problem has been ongoing for some time now and it is getting very annoying indeed, dinosaurs stuck in the * event towers * players so desperately need but cant get at them because every time they try clicking on them the blasted strike tower keeps popping up instead… very frustrating this has happened to me no less than 50 or more times in the last couple of weeks alone but what makes it more frustrating is that it is the * epics / rares * that are getting stuck in the event towers, yes some common dinos get stuck in there as well but its the rare & epic dinos i want common dinos can take a hike in my book lol * well unless they are major commons i need to level up certain * killer dinoes * and well know which ones they are dont we people .?. ( indominus rex, indoraptor etc etc ) the bane of all legitimate players ( blasted hackers nerfing / spoofing the game every day / minute / hour etc etc ) LUDIA should ban the lot of them ban their IP’s / block certain IP servers from letting the hackers through in the first place… kick the damn lot of them out of the game permanently with no hope in hell of ever getting back into the game… period :slight_smile:

Another method of avoiding strike towers would be hunting during the hour that the map is cleared between Special Events. When it changes from the commons to rares or from the rares to epics, everything is taken off the map. No Strike Towers, no worries.

Granted, it doesn’t solve the issues the Strike Towers cause, but until Ludia make the towers disappear once completed cough Hint Hint cough it’s what we have to work with.