Raptor squad


Will Blue and the rest of the raptor squad be available in the wild

Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo DNA

I think so, I seen Blue at least twice from my house before they were at the parks.


But … she wasn’t available before we had her Daily Even?!? Except for Arena Bots.

And many people got the same question atm.


In which part of the world is that?
No one in my area have seen any of them except for the event :expressionless:


I am also looking for blue I am 20 points away


Right there with you, I’m at 134 dna for her myself. :slightly_frowning_face:
Not saying I would have gotten her for certain, but I were unlucky enough to sneeze an anoying four times during my last atempt, which definetly didn’t make it easier :confused:


Anyone know if these raptors will show up in the wild as well as the regular raptor? Will ou only get their DNA from incubators? Anyone know?


No one knows. Maybe they will sale a incubator for raptors squad later.


During the 7 day event you’ll see them at the parks in your area (Special event), from the 1st day all the through the 7th, spawning every 12 or 24 hours.


well that’s like REALLY missing the point of the thread…


I’m in lower Michigan. I’m not sure how the game works, I just know that Blue was by my house twice before they were at the parks. I was surprised, I didn’t realize they were in the game. My friends in the area didn’t see them before they were in the parks. Since they’ve been in the parks I’ve seen all of them except for Blue.


Blue was never released in the wild and still to this day. He started as a incubator exclusive then was a park event Dino.


Goodness me, Blue is a girl :roll_eyes:


I think they are all girls, echo delta and charlie. But i could be wrong


They were all girls, I’m pretty sure the only male dinosaur that we’ve seen from Jurassic World is the Indoraptor.


I saw Delta the other night but it was 2 am, outside my wifi range on the farm. Even if it was in range, I’m not waltzing out at peak coyote pack hours. Everything I want only spawns too far away or at ungodly hours that no one would be (sensibly) awake.