Raptor Suggestion


I’m not here to debate whether the raptors are overpowered or not. I hate it when I lose against them and love it when I can kick their arrogant tails. My suggestion is to build in an accuracy component in the gameplay. Since the raptors are so fast, along with a few other dinos, I think it might help even things out if they could occasionally (like 5-10% rate) miss their attack. I feel like this could be a game changer that makes the battling a little more fair.


I’m actually a little surprised there isn’t an accuracy system in the game yet. But, the game is still in development so it may be planned.


The downside with an accuracy system, is that it would need to be applied to all dinos in the game. And if you look at the very large dinos, as they are so large their risk of missing a smaller dino would also be increased. So it’s really a double edged blade regarding this kind of suggestion.

For now they should work on improving the current systems and software that is being used currently. Once there are no further crashes/freezes and when the vast majority of spoofers are banned, I hope they can then look into applying new features.