Raptor team


Went against a team of ONLY raptors.


No to this. Seriously. The pyro and velociraptor are already op with speed and power, add blue and a Utah and you can never win. My team was destroyed, and I had supposed good Dinos to go against them. A sauropod an anky and a einiosuchos. Never could really get a hit in and my eini was one shotted.

ONE RAPTOR per team. This should be a rule. Or make it so they can’t do pounce the first move or switch between pounce and a major crit attack each turn. “Glass cannon” means it’s dangerous to use but strong. Dangerous for you. It should be IF they survive the first blow of attacks then they can hit back with pounce and probably kill that Dino.


Best counter … use your own higher LV Raptors. Or overpowered Tanks like Stegoceratops and higher Hybrids. The ones with counter ability aren’t bad either.

I really love my V-Raptor/P-Raptor/U-Raptor … and Blue (still need to catch her).


That was a selection of four from a possible eight on their team. You were just unlucky.


If you knew how often I get 2-3x Raptors or Erlikasaurus (almost a Raptor) … haha.


Erlikas and Deinocheirus are hardly close to being raptors. SuperChickens they may be, but they don’t last too long in a real fight, and even the Epic Erlika’s DoT attack can’t threaten a solid tank.

They look huge and threatening, but no.


Tanys are more threatening as support for a raptor team. THOSE little guys are tough in combination with high level raptors.


Swiped someone in 6th Arena with just my Lv. 11 Erlikosaurus. Never underestimate it.

I’ve started with him while my opponent started with epic Stygimoloch. Well, he’s no real threat due to delay and I got him low very fast, but he still got his swapping move out. RNG swapped his V-Raptor in, but my Erliko was faster (speed buff). The others he had were U-Raptor and Euoplocephalus, I think. Well, he had no chance to outspeed/tank + destroy my Erliko.




I love Erlikosaurus… He has dystroyed many teams for me. :slight_smile:


Besides using a tank you can also use Tany to combat Utah and Pyro. Mine can tank a pounce and destroy them. You can also use it as a back up tank killer.


Don’t have to worry much about Owens raptors besides blue yet, most don’t got them high enough to effectively be useful in marshes yet.



This is not an acceptible answer in a 100+ dinosaur fighting game.

While there should be a handful of counters to the dominant meta in any competitive team, turning this into nothing more than a raptor pit is precisely what WILL kill this game PvP-wise.

There needs to be viable alternatives to the dominant meta, not conformation to that meta. It’ll be beyond boring if it comes to that.


They actually do have a handful of counters, counted at least 15.


Only time I’ve ever had a issue with a raptor is when they save it for last and I got unlucky in my hand to deal with it. Other then that find them incredibly easy to put down.


This is why i actually prefer fighting the overpowered bots that everyone seems to hate so much. Im bounching between 2.9 / 3.1k in arena but its a fine spot. Im rather happy, my raptors are under leveld, i dont have time to hunt at night since they spawn only after 22:00 here. But a good player with a high lvl raptor is GG. A bot with a high lvl raptor is at least a good chance for me. Best counter vs raptor is a stronger raptor. I tried also with all the tanks, but players just swap them out aaandfter speed debuff and get another free pounce later on.