I can’t find enough Raptor…
For the indominus Rex you need 500 DNA from the Raptor… but you get only 10 DNA to creat the new…


I wouldn’t bother Indominus-Rex is for n00bs lol


Indo rex is overrated, easy to defeat. But just gotta keep looking mate for those raptors.


It’s overrated but everyone wants it and you need it for indo raptor. Just look for them as much as you can


Raptors come out at night, any time after dark in pretty much any location. Just keep looking.


That has been a problem for me for awhile, my solution was to just give up. Who needs an indo anyways. Over halfway from fusing the Indoraptor and it’s just not worth it.


One outside my house right now in the middle of the day they just do whatever they like here :joy:


I feel an influx of Indos this weekend :sweat_smile:


Totally looking forward to that lol

Feel like the future prerequisite for arena 8 is an indo. Why does everyone have one? I’m too lazy to check top 500 but I can guarantee that 90% have at least an indoraptor. Running out of motivation here :joy:


I don’t know if it’s just my location, but raptors are everywhere all the time during the day. I catch loads on my commute, and they spawn regularly on my house. Yet I almost never see them at night.


I know I am floating between 4200-4500
Just now with no indo… my irex is only 18 (100/200) and my velo has enough dna to create about 85000 indoraptors but I will bet my life every time I go near a trex this weekend it’s gonna either Despawn or escape like the flash trying to tap into the speedforce.


Raptors used to be EVERYWHERE for me before the update. It made getting an indominus relatively easy (there are lots of ways to survive one nowadays and even bring it down with ease). The indominus is kinda fun to have and I would say essential to to get to the upper tiers, though not enough to keep you there anymore. My Indominus is a lvl 18 with some change too… hopefully this week’s specials helps change that… I’m wavering between 4000-4200 consistently but I know once I rack up the T Rex dna this weak the v-raptor is still gunna be holding me back from getting an indoraptor. Been getting slaughtered by them the past week so I’d be nice to finally have one in the line up. (I don’t pay much to play, VIP and occasionally low-volume money or coins when Ludia gives it promo deals).


Gimme all that raptor dna. I got a handful of rexy points to spare. This weekend though, Rexy will stay at the park for you :wink: Been super fortunate to only have one Rexy escape on me while I was trying to get it. Guess i’m flash himself haha

When the hardest part about acquiring the indoraptor is getting the commons :tired_face: