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Raptors and family are trash now


V raptor 200 less dmg and same life also tons of counters
Indominus is bugged and the x2 dmg after cloak dont work
Indoraptor is trash, only 2,8k dmg at lvl 23 and he is not inmune.
Pyroraptor is trash vs tanks now
Pyrritator is a god now
Tragodistic is a god now, even better than stegodeus.
That my team now they did mw to kick all raptors, where are my dna and gold back?


I’m pretty upset about wasted gold and DNA as well. Used up all of my Pyro DNA leveling it up because Pyrritator wasn’t anything special. Also I wouldn’t have dumped the last 100k that I did into Velociraptor.


Games require balancing. Players know (or should know) this beforehand. Spending resources on your characters (dinosaurs in this case) is always dangerous because skills get tweaked and changed with periodic balances. I’m a bit sad for spending gold on certain dinosaurs myself but such is the nature of these kind of online games.


yeah not a fan of nerfing cards that some people work so hard to get or spend a lot of money. imagine buying all the pyroraptor incubators recently and the feather epic incubators…

its one thing for clash royale to say “hit speed reduced from 1.3 to 1.2 seconds”. to take away indoraptor’s 2x damage attack from cloak is a huge loss.


Feels, the only guaranteed incubator I bought was the fireworks pyroraptor… since they are so rare to find. Heavily regret leveling her up now… could’ve just saved it for the pyrritator.

Trying to not stay salty when they nerf your fav dino :weary:


They still play the same. A fast hard hitting revenge killer. At least now people won’t cheese a match by spamming Raptors.


Is means people cant rely on having a level 20 raptor while the rest of their team is way low so they can spam pounce. I think its great. Not the nerf I expected, but great none the less. I literally only leveled my raptor to level 15 so I could get indom, and im saving the rest of the dna. I knew this would happen sooner or later so I just waited patiently. Hate me, I dont care. :joy::sob:


I think if they want to provide a obvious ststs nerf on raptors in this patch, that’s fine with me.
Also might be able to get some back in the future patches.

But take that bypass away from Pyro seems totally unnecessary.
Other raptors despite V-raptor, all got their own special skill-2.
But as a epic class, got most useless one?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I kept my pyro at 15 even with the extra few hundred DNA because I was waiting to decide if I wanted pyritator after the update. Guess I gambled correctly lol


It was a common, a common one at that. Ludia’s metrics would have shown it and its siblings were in almost every team until you got to legendary level. I have no idea why you would spend all your gold on overlevelling. First balance patch was always going to address it. Be thankful they are still somewhat relevant, normally the nerfhammer hits this type of thing hard.


Overleveled raptor was one of the ways to get high rank vs high whales or spoofers, a v raptor at 30 can oneshot an average indoraptor for example, but now my raptor at 24 did 27xx dmg now much less like 2400, his dmg past from 1360 to 11xx, i dont matter so much, but get hurted by insane gold i wasted and time grinding raptors.
I got more tilted for indoraptor nerf, i dont want 50% dodge 3 turns, it never found for me, i want oneshot a top tank or a bot lvl30 after dodge 1 turn like forever xd


I’m sorry, for the past few weeks, everyone has been complaining about how powerful the raptors are, so I think that Ludia has done a extremely good job at nerfing it, you can’t always stick and rely on the raptors, Ludia just gave us more options and allowed us to change the meta. Asking for you’re coins back is ridiculous, you chose to spend those coins on the raptors, who told you to do so? Evidently you were a player that abused the use of raptors.


Nah i only had 2 raptors in my team, and i was not happy when system put both in my team cause in high ranking there is a lot counters.
Im more worried for indoraptor and indominus nerf(indominus for me is near to trash tier now) he dont win any duel even if he dodge and do same dmg than a stegodeus being far less tankier, hope they revert indominus to his old status or i kick him from my team when i have something else at 20+


everyone complaining about raptors, just wait until you get to arena 7 and face level 30 bots and you’ll be begging for them to be un-nerfed so you can have a full raptor squad and have a chance lol


Bagoyee im already in arena 7 and facing bots, however I haven’t faced them in quite a while, oh and also, nice vids, I’m a fan of yours if you are actually the real Bagoyee.


My V-Raptor is still only level 11 because I’m poor and was putting all my coins into other things. I have enough raptor dna to instantly put it up to 15 but just don’t have the coin to do it. I’ve made good use of the Utahraptor and Pyroraptor as they are generally faster than most things to say finish something off in the end of a game. Often I don’t get them in the line-up and have been getting along often without the raptors.


Well, he was in every Top 10 Team … and often the only Raptor. P-Raptor was the most powerful one of all, in Highest Tier.

I’m a huge Raptor fan, you could say, but my V-Raptor is just LV 20 (for Indoraptor) and P-Raptor just LV 15 (for Pyrritator). I usually do not overlevel anything (well, probably only Stegoceratops … he’s too awesome and easy to farm) … one day you might have a Team full of Uniques. :rofl: