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Raptors and Theropods are overbuffed


I think the overall Attack stat buff on most dinosaurs is way to high especially the Raptors and Theropods appear to be broken.
They oneshot about 60% of all dinosaurs with their 2x ability and battles in general are much faster because the dinosaurs die so fast.

I do not like this changes…

What are your opinions?

Velociraptor, the fidget spinner of JWA

The main problem imo is that there are no effective counters around; or at least not more than enough vs therapods. During night time anyone can get big level therapods in no-time. Even during the day a couple of therapods appear. Meanwhile there is literally only one effective counter around in my area: the stegosaurus. Ofc. this hybrid easily takes care of raptors once leveled (second picture).

Dinosaurs with beneath skills need to spawn way more frequently as in my area i literally never see them around, ever, unless i see a lucky epic. The kentrosaurus is a perfect example of an effective raptor counter:

So is the stegoceratops but is harder te create because you need a rare:

Last but not least if those are not around one of those will also help but mostly end up being a really close fight (too close sometimes):

There is a variety of slowing impact dinosaurs which of almost none spawn nearby; only lucky drops via the battle arena incubators and even then most of the time i only receive the newly acquired irritator over other much needed rares. The problem is not certain things being overbuffed; its the fact the effective counters are so hard to come by (without having to pay for better incubators,…!!).

Argentinosaurus, apatosaurus, nodopatosaurus, tuojiangosaurus, amargasaurus, … and above examples. Pretty much all the longneck type of dinosaurs and those with slowing impact. All of them are pretty much around level 10 - which is never enough in top 500.


Raptors are OP and they need balancing. I mean seriously, a raptor shouldn’t be able to trash a T-Rex in a one on one fight. You know somethings wrong when not using raptors means you lose more fights than you win. By the way I refuse to use them because of how cheap it feels to win with one. I’m just sick of seeing them wipe my carefully crafted team which should stand every bit the chance of winning if I play smart.


I don’t agree. If you think they are so OP, just build a team that destroy them. I got 3 hard counter in my team, I sometimes fight a team full of raptors : easy win, slow down or shield pounce and it’s an easy kill (3-0 or 3-1 victory)


Really??? Spinosaurus isn’t great at all compare to a handful of herbivores so how are they buff?!?!


i think raptors will get nerfed at some point, currently it takes the enjoyment out of using some of the more obscure dinos. cant beat em join em :slight_smile: