Raptors are NOT overpowered


Seeing as tho a lot of players see Velociraptor as one of the strongest dinos in the current meta even to the point where saying it’s “overpowered” I am here today to defend the statement that raptors are not OP and do not need a rework.

Point 1- 8 slots.
Every dinosaur has a different kit and with the variety we have in the game it is easy to put in counters for every archetype. Raptors main weakness are slowing dinos. You have 8 slots and a multitude of Dinos to choose from. Stegosaurids can lower the speed of raptors then finishing them off with a Strike. Sauropods have slowing moves and can take a hit from a raptor. Use your own Raptor to draw out battles and make it even more exciting. Erlikosaurs can speed up then Rampage on the next hit. The point is you have to build your team that covera the bases in the meta and not just throwing in every available Rare and Epic you have.

Point 2- Bots
We all know how annoying bots are in the arena. They’re overleveled in accordance to our strongest dino and in higher arenas that’s what we fight most of the time. Sometimes even having a 10 level gap between them. This causes a rift in if we battle Raptors they have higher stats resulting in a sweep. Fix the bots.

Last point- Glass Cannon
Raptors before the global update were sitting at a low tier in the meta. They were reworked to have lower health and notch up in attack and Pounce was just a reskin of rampage. If they were to nerf Raptors once more then that would dratiscally put back the raptors down to the point where its usage would be at an all time low. Their roles are glass cannons, they can easily be taken down due to their lower health pool and if they don’t enough damage then that defeats their purpose.

Yes they are annoying to fight against, strong but not overpowered by any means.

NERF velocoraptor

I also have an other idea on how to counter them which i frequently use if i get the opportunity. (Point 1).

Have a majungasuchus in your deck! Suprisingly enough it can be very effective as it still can do a counter-attach when hit! If your slowing dinosaur dies or about to die you can swap to the majung and this one still does damage due to counter-attack; sometimes resulting in a kill if the raptor is low on health. Mostly they dont see this swap coming either lol.

Point 2; bots are OP lol. I just got beaten by a level 24 raptor; at some point they really hurt. But everyone will get there eventually. My +17 level team is having really close battles in arena 7 now; where most dinosaurs are level +22. Bots could use some balance; if not in level definitely in rarity. Legendaries have very strong skill sets; a level 22 common is far less scarier and easier to counter vs a level 22 legendary imo.

Just dont nerf the little raptors; they do their job just like any other dinosaur does. They slaughter any heavy dmg / low health dinosaur. Thats what it is supposed to do! Just get your slow in and you’ll win vs raptors in no time.


I agree - Raptor don’t need a nerf, in-fact they serve as a soft ‘skill-cap’ if you will, as the introduction of raptors into battle teams starts requiring strategy to be able to win.

Those that just want to pick cool dino’s coz they look cool, just won’t be able to get into the higher ranks.

@Freds00n that’s my silver bullet right there, been working on my Majunasuchus specifically to counter Raptors and it works amazingly, especially with the ability to self cleanse (aka remove the damage reduction debuff)


Agreed. Raptors are hard to deal with initially but can easily be countered. Ive got several dinos that one shot raptors.

Einiasuchus is a great counter and can be obtained pretty easily. Steggy, Wuerhosaurus, Gorgosaurus are all good counters to Raptors. Heck, ive even taken a few out with a Dimetrodon being immune to the damage de buff from Raptors. Proceratosaurus is a great counter too with its speed and damage de buff.

Idk. Maybe growing up playing turn based RPGs gives me a lot of strategy with this game. It doesnt always come down to the dinos. Switching at the right time is just as crucial.


Disagree, Raptors are over powered. Their more powerful than their higher tier raptor kin.
That is bad balancing.


Agreed they’re glass cannons and sometimes can be tricky, but they don’t need a nerf. I’ve beat many that we’re higher level than my own.


If raptor get nerf, there is something wrong in system, they are not definitely overpower. I hope everytime i meet raptor in arena, so easy win gg.


Only people defending it is the minority that depends on them.


I’m still relatively low level but I keep a Stegosaurus on my team because I’ve found that their armor helps them take Pounce without fainting and Stagomizer gives you speed advantage to finish them off with a strike. Really anything with armor and decent health stat will beat a Raptor no problem.


I would say that them being overpowered is the only way we can fight the bots off
Raptors can clear a team easily in your hands, and the bots can do the same. However, if you lead with either a stegosaur or a ceratopsian, you can tank enough hits or slow it down, to the point where it can be taken out, and then the team can be cleaned
The raptors should be left as they are, they make the perfect glass cannons


I haven’t gotten all the way through the third arena yet, but I definitely have to say that the low arena meta is absolutely dominated by speed. Velociraptor wins games just by being in your lineup. I do not expect it to be as bad in the higher tiers, but just having it in your team can hugely sway the odds in your favor in lower arenas.

I don’t think it needs a stat change, but I think changing Pounce’s cooldown to 2 will significantly reduce the number of clean sweeps Veloci/Utah/Pyroraptor can make.


Raptors are really only OP early on when the main deciding aspect of a team is damage. Once you get to the higher arenas you’ll probably have dinosaurs with a greater variety of special attacks and your fights will be more strategy based than raw damage.


I agree I have no problem killing raptors I find slow is awesome so is a counter dino but also armor and shield Dino’s


If you get someone that knows how yo play the Raptor, it can be OP. I’m just saying. I don’t think I have ever lost WITH my raptor yet, even with said strats that are mentioned. I use them and will say they probably need pounce lowered maybe to 1.5.

Edit: Just noticed that my raptor is about 3 or 4 levels higher than all the dinos I have been facing at this current stage so disregard my comment until I fight more my level or higher which I’m sure will be shortly. My raptor is 14


When a level 8 raptor can take out a level 17 T Rex before he attacks then its not OP at all.


And you sound like you get REAL salty everytime a raptor just kills one of your dinos. I built a team with it but by no means am I solely depending on my raptor.


Higher tier? Rarity and tier aren’t exactly the same in this game.


That is a good point but they should have the raptor have less health so only a hit or two will kill th because I hate it when they kill my entire squad because my squad is too slow and never has a chance to strike back and the one shot I get, it only goes down to half health


Unbalanced is the better word. Need more variety of top compositions that do not contain raptors. I dont like it’s a staple of many winning compositions. It gets boring.


The Raptor forces strategic thinking, planning and a smart Opener. Do you think they will open with a Raptor? Should you open with your Utah or your Nodosaur?
It’s a great challenge, also if you get beat by fast Velos early, go level your velos higher.