Raptors & Incubators


In my opinion Pounce is pretty broken, x2 and 1 turn recharge. Extend the recharge or nerf the power. Muli raptor teams are already overpowered and now you’ve added Blue Charlie Delta and Echo which will free the spam artists to Pounce everyone into oblivion.
With regard to Incubators its a roller coaster for me when i see the DNA potential that 12 & 24 hr incubators hold, only to see it all to go to deadend dinos (poor attacks no hybrids) 12 & 24 hrs later. If you feel giving useful dna away may make the game too easy or cut into in-game purchases then cut out the middle man and instead of deadend dinos maybe just award experience. Just suggestions, enjoying the game otherwise.


I agree with the raptors, they were pack hunters, but a single raptor in this game can take out almost every other dino in this game with the pounce every other turn. It takes almost all the fun out of the battles