Raptors & other changes, prices, and spawns!


Hi there!

So after three weeks of playing this game, with no hint of wanting to slow down, I’ve got a handful of suggestions in all aspects of the game for the developers as well as the community, in case anyone has any feedback. :slight_smile:

In collecting dino DNA:

  • Migration. While it’s an interesting dynamic that different parts of a city, or even different cities, will have an abundance of one to three different species over another part of a city, it’s anywhere from very inconvenient to nearly impossible for some of us who work full-time and are bound by mobility to travel so far on a regular basis to collect enough for it to matter. While this would be fine, and even welcome, in games like Pokemon go where you can show off regional Pokemon, in JW:A we use those common dinosaurs to make hybrids which have varying degrees of utility. There are also come “common” dinosaurs that are anything but common compared to others of the same grade; how about changing it up so that that abundance of dinosaurs of one type becomes a different type a week or two down the road, giving us a kind of alternating migration? If we miss one, it’ll be back, but we don’t have to make special trips that go well out of our way just to collect a digital dinosaur.
  • Lures. I love that dinosaurs seem to have a chance to spawn on me as I walk; I think it’s great and encourages exercise. But what about being able to drop a lure that frequently spawns dinosaurs at your location, or on a supply drop? That way if we’re relaxing but stationary we can still partake, even if it costs us for those lures.

In battles:

  • Velociraptor, Utahraptor, Pyroraptor: add an additional turn of cooldown to Pounce.
  • All raptors: equalize speeds so no one dinosaur is above ALL the others.
  • All large theropods (Tyrannosaurus Rex & Gen 2, Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus, Gorgosaurus): +10% HP.
  • All counter-striking theropods and all sauropods: +15-20% HP
  • All spiked dinosaurs (Kentrosaurus, Amargocephalus, Nodopatosaurus, Stegodeus etc…): introduce a “Reflect Damage” trait of 5, 10, and 15% based on their armor rating, where a dino that already has more than 25% armor does 5% of its received damage back as soon as it gets hit, 25% armor and less does 10% returned damage, and those with 0% armor do 15% damage received back to the attacker.

In purchases:

  • Think about reducing the costs of some of these promos so the rest of us might actually consider them. I imagine a lot of people must be buying them, which is good because you guys should get paid. But just imagine how many more of us would buy if the broader playerbase found these purchases to be reasonable?
  • Barring anything happening from the above, please instead consider randomly offering those one-time deals and not just upon leveling or increasing our arena venue. I’m much more likely to buy those one-time offers than anything offered in the store not because I don’t like what’s in the store, but because those prices are ridiculous for a phone app. Those one-time offers though? At least half of them were reasonable, and over time I’m much more likely to spend money on those than any lump-sum deal in the store with a hefty tag on it.



After all the time this was hidden, I’m even more certsin these changes need to be put into effect.


12 days, LOL, those filters…

Great suggestions. I specially like the migration idea, to prevent certain dinosaurs to be completely unobtainable for some players. The extra HP in the creatures you mentioned is absolutely necessary, and I love the reflected damage from spikes. Maybe they should deal it even after dying, unlike the counter-attack mechanic.

As for the costs, 10 times yes. These are digital products that don’t really cost anything to Ludia, so everyone would benefit for a lower cost because more people would buy and that would translate as more benefits for them.

I’m not so sure about all raptors having the same speed, though. I get why you want this, but it adds several complications along with advantages. It would stop being “who has the fastest raptor” and instead become “who has the highest level raptor” which isn’t much better either. And Velociraptor would suddenly become useless and all the coin people have spent on her would be kind of wasted.


Counterpoint to your concern for the raptors:

The current meta still often results in “Who has the highest level raptor” as Velociraptor continues to occupy the faster slot. Equalizing the speeds will now mean that Blue & company will be a part of it, but so will a few other non-raptors, and the Velociraptor itself - being a common - will remain the highest level so nothing much will change in that regard. Instead, people with, say, Deinocheirus will have the chance to catch up at the coin bottleneck and maybe we’ll see a few alternatives.

Because of the continuing level advantage, the Velociraptor will never be relegated to “useless” on a team as it will still be used to out-pace anything lower level than it, but it is also used in two hybrids for highly sought-after dinosaurs. I just don’t see the changes to be enough to warrant any disappointment at a more developed stage and we may even see some more variety at the upper levels if there are more options at that speed.


Clearly my title isn’t catchy enough.

We have yet another two “Raptors are OP, nerf them!” threads, more complaints about pricing, and difficulties in catching dinosaurs comments without solutions since this was last viewed.



I agree 1000% percent that velociraptor should have a cooldown even if you pull it out from battle. Cause people should not be able to basically cheat their way through if they cant be bothered to get better dinos.


I like the “deflect damage” idea. I had the same thought but hadn’t put it into words yet.


Revisiting this, I’m glad that migration came into effect. If only we could see more of it, or even somehow track what migratory region we’re in!

The rest I’d still like to see reviewed and maybe put into effect. It would liven up the arena a great deal.


I think both raptors and tanks got balanced with the tank buffs. But we still very much need that tyrannosaur buff! And prices need to drop down for sure if they want people to buy stuff, not just the occasional very few rich players.


Do you think these are implementing the “reflect damage” idea?

New Counter Attackers
The following creatures gained special versions of Counter Attack (where the damage multiplier of the counter attack is less than 1x):
Amargocephalus (0.5)
Ankyntrosaurus (0.5)
Gigaspikasaur (0.5)
Kentrosaurus (0.5)
Nodopatosaurus (0.5)
Trykosaurus (0.25)


Depends. I imagined the damage reflection referring to the spikes would be an instantaneous tradeoff, kind of like trying to bite a sea urchin. Counter-attacks traditionally require the dinosaur to survive the attack, which is part of the problem: raptors and superpredators deal heaps of damage at once, and this would help make those few porcu-dinos a little more impressive.

Do we know if these are after-attack counters or simultaneous?


Velociraptor should not get a cool down in pounce because it only has 2 moves. Also adding to your point in lures maybe like have your dino out that you want to catch and make it roar by tapping it and maybe it will have a chance of attracting one of it’s kind or more to your area


Your over-reliance on Velociraptors has been noted.


:expressionless: I’m not relying on Raptors. You are saying nerf velociraptor with a 1 more cool down for pounce but she only has 2 moves so I totally disagree with you on that. If they add another move to her then maybe but it would be unfair for her compared to the other Raptors


They are not cheating if they switch out, they only switch out when they get speed reduced. Dont know why people complain when Raptors switch out because that doesn’t mean they are going to win, how you handle yourself after they switch out is important. People are making a argument and that’s fine but dont blame Raptor users for only reacting to what you do to them by making them slower and forcing them to switch out. Here’s what’s going to happen now, Raptor uses pounce, gets lockdown strikes, uses next move, gets killed, or raptor user switches out before lockdown strike and you dont have to face raptor til later


In this post you are effectively making the argument for relying on raptors. In the previous post you say you don’t reky on raptors. In another topic you call for a nerf to Erlikosaurus on the SOLE BASIS that the one move it has to speed up is too much of a counter for your raptor(s).

No. Your bias soaks your post so thickly you can see it dripping. I won’t repeat myself in my own post about why an extra cooldown of Pounce doesn’t reduce a raptor’s immediate effectiveness, only it’s repeated use one after another. Either look up and re-read the previous posts or move on, we know your priorities.


I use Raptors yes and I rely on them cause they are on my team and I rely on all of my dinos but what you are suggesting for velociraptor is just stupid, now if you said like add another move for velociraptor and then add another cool down then yeah that might work but to add another cool down and completely nerf velociraptor and make it completely unusable is just unfair for her. And I stick to my argument that Erlikosaurus either needs to be nerfed in its speed and then rampage moveset just like Raptors pounce and switch moves or they need to add more counter moves like I said before where they should add a move like instant charge that would instantly negate their stat changes and while possible doing some damage or something of that accord.


Paha, clearly the maintenance is sending some of you over the edge :rofl:


There are dinos with instant charge. What are you saying here? You want more to have instant charge? Or you don’t have one yet so bring everyone to your level?


No… a said a move like instant charge. A new move where it would instantly negate stat changes