Raptors theory

Do you think Ludia will ever create a 4 dino hybrid with echo, delta, blue or charlie??? That would be awesome, since those are useless dinos right now. Or am I crazy?


I hope we never get something like that


one can dream :slight_smile:


The easiest way would be to make an epic hybrid out of two of the rares, use another for a legendary, then the last to get a unique.

I have thought about it and I’ve come up with ideas like a card that has all 4 in it rather than a single Dino-so like a raptor pack card rather than a hybrid, or being able to use all of the Raptors as ingredients to create indominus Rex with the created indirect having a different variation of move sets based on the raptor used. Frankly tho I don’t like that idea cuz I feel like it would be complicated and take the game in a different direction. So yeah I’ve given it thought too but for now I don’t see any ideas that make me excited- the raptors are pretty good on their own anyways, as long as they reach decent levels