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Rare 3 step strike missing?

So another week, another missing tower? Today I can’t see any rare 3 step strike tower. Some other players reporting same thing. Can you inform team @Ned?

Seeing plenty around here

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I see two. both way out of the way for me. Gonna have to go for a short walk after work.

Mine in is done

I see one, way across the river and far out of range.

I have one within walking range. Gonna go do it later.

I see none, nearby or anywhere around.

I’ve had 1 at work.

Thanks for reports. Been busy preparing lunch.

So obviously will need to wait on 12h mark reset, if appears or search around for it.

Since when detective work is required to find strike towers? Before 1.10 update never had issues finding strike towers.

It started when someone thought the 12 hour split shift towers was genius. Complete disaster.

Makes me think of when probably the same person had the great idea to change the drone handling out of nowhere when nobody was complaining instead of fixing bugs. Luckily they reverted back snd numerous updates later made it an option instead of forced.


The rare 3 steps tower is a 24hr tower. Saw a few around me (does seem to be less populated than usual). Anyway, it’s there so it’s not a universal problem.

Yes, luckily is 24h tower. Those can appear closer when those 12h ones changes.

Walked around 5 kms and didn’t see a single rare strike. Biggest problem is, that I have no clue in which direction I should search. Hopefully at shift I’ll see at least one.

Question is how hard is to make 3 strike towers, in a day, appear normally? I understand when we had 5-7 towers daily (new years week), that it was hard to make all visible to everyone.

Always seems to be one tower that only spawns in 4 or 5 locations in my town, while the rest are more common than covid cases.

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Luckily rare strike appeared after 12h shift. Though this problems with strike towers need to be fixed.

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