Rare and epic spawn rates suck in asia

ludia is giving up asian markets?

seco pursuit, bary g2 pursuit all suck… spawn rates in asia are as low as 30% of that in major us cities… last week only saw 2 spino g2…wtx is it?? i found more than that in normal weeks…

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Build more roads, then the dinos will come :wink:
As far as I can extrapolate, spawn rates are no higher or lower in certain continents or countries, but they are just based on the amount of roads and buildings near you.
So I guess you are out of luck when you live in a deserted area in Syberia or drifting on a boat near the east coast of Japan. I don’t think Americans who travel through the Nevada desert will encounter many T-Rexes either.

Spawn rates suck everywhere .:smiley:


Just buy incubators.

It’s what they want you to do, and why they nerfed spawns.