Rare battle chests?

According to the info screens there are 5 different chests that a PvP battle can reward you with, and while I assume that the better chests are rarer, I’ve done at least fifty battles and never gotten anything other than the second tier? How many battles do I need to take part in before I start getting better chests? The lower tier chests are kinda worthless…

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I have played about 6 weeks. I have almost always had a chest timer counting down. I have seen one tier 6 chest and maybe two tier 5 chests. Currently on Vault of Dragons.

Wow so they’re just really, REALLY rare? That’s exceptionally lame, which I guess is par for the course for rewards in this game…

I’ve played for about a month. Gotten 2 chests that were 18 hours, one chest (just today) that was 24 hours. Since I open about 6 chests a day, that’s 180 chests a month, or 1 out of 60 that was especially rare. Can’t remember how many 12 hours I’ve gotten, something like 3-4 maybe.

Even the second best ones still basically suck. No epics, no legendary. I’ve had 2 ever and both basically same as this.

For as rare as they are, they are super disappointing.

Vault of dragons, second best chest =

I haven’t seen any other coloured chest except for the brown chest and the rewards are disappointing.

Every fourth one is at least the 8 hour chest as far as I can tell. Not great rewards for sure, but until recently there was no arena at all. I’ll take minimal rewards over none, at least there’s a little gold coming in.