Rare (blue) strike tower not on the map

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Bug Description: I can’t find it anywhere on the map.

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They are out there but they are very far and few between - thankfully its a 2 day one


It’s extremely rare. I found one. Probably you need to walk, drive around more. Had problem finding strike towers for new year week. Once found one small, after I looked around 5 kms in all directions, up in the hill, that I barely reached it.

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I walked a few miles last night and I didn’t see any. Nothing close to my office either. This is really bad. I’m getting really tired of that BS from Ludia. :frowning:

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230km drive today and I saw one in a farm paddock that’s it. As above lucky it is a 2 day and might be around more tomorrow

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Some parts of my city had absolutely 0 of them. I had to go toward the northern side just to find one.

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I drove 5 miles to find one.

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Why is this still happening that some strike towers are almost impossible to find? It makes me so angry. :frowning:

Didnt even know that there was a blue tower out there …

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Distribution of strike towers is starting to feel weighted. These new stun trials are everywhere, the special scent towers were everywhere, but the blue one and the stat boost tower from the other day were far and few between. This makes no sense to me. Why aren’t the towers distributed evenly???

They are out there. I only found one yesterday but they are there.

Hoping this doesn’t happen with the boss tower.

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I found it like 30 miles away from my office. ONLY ONE. :frowning:

Me and an alliance member randomly got some spawned within the vicinity of our houses. So maybe check to game now!

Same, just had 1 pop up at my house a few minutes ago. I had forgotten there was a rare strike out there…

i see one way in the distance.

After work (area 2) I do all strike towers I could see within a certain radius. Usually one or two are still left over. At home (area 3) I do the same again.
This usually works out for me.
To uncover all towers alone takes a lot of time.
In Germany it’s winter time now with little snow (at least in my area) but with heavy rainfall and strong winds. On days like this these 7+ or the new towers where you have to use certain dinos that cost additional time are really a nuisance.
But I can’t blame someone else for spending so much time and a cold evening meal afterwards. :upside_down_face:

I only saw two on my way to work yesterday (which is in another city, miles away) and could get only one battle in one of them. Screw it.

didn’t get to do that tower. oh well.