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Rare Dino Darting

A few weeks ago Proceratosaurus was more active then usual. That particular week I found myself darting all the time because I was able to get ahold of a rare dinosaur a little bit easier. I’m a middle tier player, so this is extremely helpful and got me thinking. I would start a scent and dart way more often if there was a rare Dino “more active” each week- just a suggestion.

there is something similar to your suggestion that is already implemented. Ludia does a hybrid pursuit. they pick a hybrid then those components will spawn more frequently on the map. 1 specific ingredient per week that makes that hybrid. sometimes its commons, other times it’s rares and epics. (tho the epics aren’t over abundant like with commons and rares, but there is an increased spawn rate for them)

The current hybrid pursuit is inostherium. last week’s increased spawn rate was for inostrancevia. this week’s is archaeotherium.


Yeah and they don’t pick em on random they seem to folow the order hybrids were realized in, after inos we got entelolania before moving onto 2.2, they generaly seem to go from the lowest rarity up, like on 2.2 first velosrachos then the sloth then acrotops then skoono(tho acro did tehnicly realize after all these so it could come the last actualy) tho they generaly mix them up they sometimes go by rarity sometimes not theres no real rule here