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Rare dino event ended 35 mins early

I tried darting dino from green supply drops but it wouldn’t let me. When I click to dart it just comes back to map. Also couldn’t even collect green drops. Last 35 mins any drop I go which has touj ,touj disappears when I click on it. Arctops and quetz it would not let me dart. Then the reset time happened. Still it wouldn’t let me collect green drops. Now no green drops on map. First of all ,Ludia decreased the time by one day for rares. Then not letting us dart. I could easily finish darting the remaining 8 tries I had but ludia’s bug did not let me do that. Touj is very important and not able to dart it is not fair.

@Ned please help

they decreased it by one day so we could dart Darwezopteryx on Sunday

But for me it stopped 30 mins prior to reset

Not sure there’s anything they can do about this, they aren’t going to give you free dna.