Rare dinos actually rarer than epics!


Anybody else finding the rare dinos to make the hybrids are actually a lot harder to find than the epics needed too ?
The main 2 I struggle with at the moment are
Dimetrodon and dilophosaurus.
Anyone else in the same boat.


Yes, Dilophosaurus doesn’t exist for me. My Diloranosaurus is forever stuck at level 18, its unique form isn’t happening :sob:


Zone restricted rare is rarer than globally spawned epic.


Yeah, i have about 1400 ouro dna that i cant spend.


I think I have all the dimetrodon near me. Can’t go anywhere without seeing loads of the Gen 2.


I see pretty much the same here, loads of rares that i don’t need atm, epics that i can leave off on…

The migration needs to happen. Hopefully, it will happen after the pterosaur event.


For me, the issue isn’t so much the zones but the fact that rares within that zone still doesn’t spawn. I’ve seen more TRex in zone 1 than Dilophosaurus.


Nowadays, some commons are rarer than epics… Euoplocephalus used to show up everywhere, but not any more… Haven’t seen one in ages… And starting to run out of its DNA…


Loads of dimetrodon but no dilopho…:sob::sob::sob:


The rarest one will always (ALWAYS) be the one you need just a few more DNA of to create/level that legendary.


Wow look at all that dimetrodon :slight_smile:
Give me give me.
Hope there is dimetrodon/ dilophosaurus event soon


Epics everywhere tonight, and not just the pterosaurs. 3 brachiosaurs and a baryonyx so far. I guess the rain brought them out tonight.


Dimetrodon, Spinosaurus, Kaprosuchus are mine. I need them yet never see them. Yes I hunt after like 10pm for Kapro. Also epics I never see: Kentrosaurus, Ouranosaurus,


Dimetrodon were everywhere when I started. Hated it, the target on the leg bothered me. Ignored them after awhile. Now I wish I had gathered more deoxyribonucleic acid as well.


I do must off my hunting in the early morning , ( start work early) I think there is more epics round at that time. I always manage to get at least 3 baryonyx which I am happy with lots more brontos now as well.