Rare dinos appearances


I’m wondering when the postosuchus and kaprosuchus appear in the map the only time I’ve got them is from incubators I’m level 13 and battling at area 7 which is also a pain as I win less and less now it’s almost 7 losses to 1 win


I’ve never seen a Postosuchus in the wild. Kaprosuchus, though, I occasionally spot; usually around mid-day, in the same areas as Dimetrodon & Gorgosaurus spawn.


Before, I didn’t use to find both Kaprosuchus and Postosuchus in/around my area.
With the July migration, I am seeing a decent amount of Kaprosuchus during both day/night.
Being a global spawn, it can appear anywhere.


Never seen either in the wild and haven’t had any dna from an incubator for a month! Level 11 and can’t even create a gorgosuchus


I have both Kaprosuchus and Postosuchus at Level 10 for hybrid farming, but in my experience the spawns shifted over the weeks, at game release I found way more Postosuchus than now.

From data-mining it seems that postosuchus is alot more likely to spawn in parks/green areas and Kaprosuchus is spawning in specific locations that are different for everyone plus close to hospitals / medical buildings.


Managed to find a postosuchus yesterday and I was so excited. Only encountered 4x in the wild. Found the postosuchus near the grocery store, but you may be able to find them at day parks. Still at a lvl 8 posty, but i’m fine with that. :grin:

As far as kaprosuchus go, they seem to be stacked locally everywhere. Usually spot them biking around the neighborhood. Not really in any specific spot, however; I do see them more often at night. Encountering at least 40 kaps, id have to say, majority of their locations are random spawns. Haven’t seen one near a hospital once.


I’ve never seen a Kaprosuchus appear, and had no idea they could ride bikes!


… I’ll show myself out.


I guess as I live in a smallish town in the south west of England that must be the reason for the lack of them appearing then,I’ve walked to nearby parks and driven further out of town (lunchtime and after work) with no success