Rare Dinosaurs


Has anyone seen these in the wild Erlikosaurus Gen 2, Tuojiangosaurus,Tenontosautus, Megalosaurus? I haven’t seen any of them in the wild.


Been having a load of Tuojiangosaurus for a long while.


Funny you mention etlikosaurus Gen 2, because I saw 2, maybe even 3 yesterday. (Only collected DNA from 2, may have seen the third in the distance)

I’d obviously prefer it’s epic first gen, but my gen 2 has been stuck at a low level for so long, now it’s up to lvl 9. Still not usable on my team, but getting there.


Erliko 2nd Gen = LV 10 + 800 DNA
Tuojiango = LV 10 + 1300 DNA
Megalo = LV 8 … very rare guy
Tenonto = seen once, the last Rare I haven’t unlocked


Yes all of them on a regular basis. Tenonto pops up all the time in my area. Megalo and erliko gen 2 every other day.


At lower levels tenontosaurus was my favourite. I don’t see him much any more, but mine is lvl 11. He can’t stand up to some of the big guns now, but he was my secret weapon “back in the day”…


I’ve seen all of them mostly erliko g2 and tuo


Tenontosaurus and Gorgosaurus are most common in my area, with Megalosaurus occuring slightly less frequently.

Can’t say I’ve seen even one Tuojiangosaur yet.


I’ve seen all of them fairly regularly. Tuo is like a plague, I often see two spawning next to each other. I’m a huge Erlikosaurus gen2 fan, mine’s at 15 now and it’s one of my favorite team members.


I see Megalo all the time by where I live.
For what it’s worth, I live at a higher elevation in a fairly mountainous area away from any large bodies of water; you might try to find a similar biome near you to hunt for Megalos.

The other three I see more on the flatlands (stego-types) or near water (the Terror bird-types).