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Rare DNA

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not getting the amount of rare DNA to pass the daily mission and get the dna from the creature of the mission.

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Many times I have gone through this. Usually when it requires rare DNA, a good multifuse on a rare hybrid does wonders to take care of that issue. You will get more rare DNA through a multifuse on a rare hybrid as opposed to hunting for it. At the same time it will accomplish Rare DNA quota on alliance missions. Try this and I guarantee you will achieve it very quickly.


Yes, I usually do that but those I have to do the merger need a high value of coins to raise the level, which at the moment I don’t have.

I totally understand that having the coins to do it does suck.

You don’t need to spend coins to raise the level. You can over level a creature through multi fusion.

Multifusion only from level 17 and I’m at level 14, so I only have access to simple fusion

You can save Rare donations until needed.

Request an abundant rare that will max your requests. You can save 4 of them and still have one request available to use. When you get the rare daily mission, open the 4 saved requests and request an abundant rare again.

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i think you can save up to 5.

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You can save 5 but then you do not have one available for current requesting. Saving 4 leaves one open to use.

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Got ya, didn’t know that was a thing