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Rare Event - Time Remaining Change

Just noticed that the time remaining on the rare event is only 4 1/2 hours when it was previously continuing for another 24 hours. Great - thanks a bunch; planned on getting the remaining rares tomorrow morning. Had I noticed before now that the timer had changed I could have got them this morning. Guess that’s 12 much needed rares wasted.

I know the published schedule said it was a two day event but how often is that wrong; trust the in game timer was always the mantra. Now - who knows - toss a coin … :rage:


I was surprised they didn’t run the full 3 days too. I only had 4 left though.

The first day the rares were our with the commons I thought we had 2 days plus the mixed day. Then last night I noticed that it ends today. I was upset and I told my girlfriend I could’ve sworn it had another day.

So i was correct, it did have an extra day and now it is shortened?

Yep - 100% there were 3 days when it started - there’s a forum thread complaining about it not matching the schedule (that paragon of truth)

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Imagine that. They even “fixed” the schedule and put it out again.

It’s embarrassing how a professional company is so incompetent, unorganized, and unprofessional.

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This messed with my plans as well. I’m working during the week and I was planning to get my bike and go around darting the rare dinos on saturday…now I will lose probably ~20 dinos (4-6k DNA) because I don’t have the time, because I didn’t plan for this…frustrating.


Thanks !

Thanks to your notice I have been able to go out to finish the attempts but collecting things that I did not want, but better that way !!!

Now it may happen that there is one more day and I have played the fool … but with Ludia you never know anything …

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Lucky I grinded and found the last 22 tonight, my phone was 1% when I found the 24th one, just got it in time :smiley:

So I guess we will have a full day for 1 legendary attempt and another full day for 1 unique attempt.

I wonder if the numerous epic attempts are 1 day?

Wouldn’t it just be better if they put epic legendary and unique out all on the same day. After you shoot your 1 attempts they downgrade.

So all event drops are 1 unique attempt so you don’t miss it. Once shot you get all event drops changed to the 1 legendary attempt. Then once shot all event drops change to the epic event for the remainder of the event.

That way there’s no worry of missing the 2 1 attempt creatures and then you don’t have to see them flood the map for no reason afterwards.


Is it over, because I haven’t got any.

Rares have gone - uniques appear when you restart