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Rare hybrids: ranking. which ones deserve to continue leveling up?

To date many epic, legendary and unique hybrids keep popping up in the game, but we only have 6 rare hybrids that many players choose to keep leveling up, mainly for tournaments (no 26 or Dna) for this reason … as I was bored I decided to create This raking of all the rare hybrids based on recommendations to continue raising them of level … I hope you like it and leave your opinions :slight_smile:

1- suchotator: is the most powerful and versatile rare hybrid in the game. It is the result of the fusion between the suchomimus and the irritator g2. Both global spawns very easy to get everywhere. This is very important because it does not greatly affect the creation of your own super hybrid. This added to that both have almost the same potential, so improving both would give rise to two creatures almost equally strong. if you live in area 4 you will be able to see the hybrid in the wild state sometimes. This hybrid possesses abilities that make it very versatile and powerful. It has a basic speed of 116 and 20% critical. It has the Dot ability that allows you to gradually lower the opponent’s life for 3 turns and also with the instantaneous distraction that allows you to take as little damage as possible in the process or when it is convenient. This added to that it is the rare hybrid with more life in the game and one of the rare creatures in general. It also has nullifying impact that allows you to remove all positive abilities from the game such as evasion and cloak. In addition to being able to slow down the rival and clean up the distraction.

2- Einiasuchus: affectionately called the monostegotops of the poor. It is the fusion of the einiosaurus and the nudansuchus … both global spawns very easy to get in different parts and improving it does not interfere much with the creation of its own superhybrid. This creature is ideal for exchanges since it has the possibility of being able to stun the opponent avoiding its damage (obviously if the opponent is immune it will only receive a normal attack x1). This hybrid fulfills almost the same function of stegoceratops and monostegotops, but to a lesser degree. He has the dig in ability that allows him to regain health, clean himself, a shield for a turn, and increase his speed by 10%. It has a 75% ability to stun the opponent and although it does not have much damage (900 lvl 26) it can be increased by 50% with the ferocious strike for 2 turns plus the activation turn.

3- Diplotator: is the rare hybrid with the highest damage (1340 lvl 26) and speed (127) of the game. It is the result of the fusion of diplocaulus and irritator g2. The latter is a global spawn that is found anywhere and every day of the week. Diplocaulus is only common in area 3, as is the hybrid in the wild state. This hybrid is multi-use due to its abilities such as distraction (the opponent only does 50% damage for 2 turns), nullifying (removes all positive effects from the game), ferocious impact (increases 50% damage per 2 turns including the activation turn) and a defense-breaking impact (breaks shields and breaks through armor) … his achilles heel is his low life, but he makes up for it with his skills and speed. In terms of creation you only have to worry about diplocaulus DNA and that affects the creation of its superhydride a bit. But if you are not interested or you are not going to prioritize the superhybrid … you can work both together and you will not regret it.

4- Ankylocodon: our first mini tank to test everything. It is the result of the fusion of the ankylosaurus g2 and ophilacodon. Its main feature is its immunity that makes it tested against all the negative effects of the game. It has 25% armor which is the highest percentage of armor for rare hybrids. This added to a 2-turn shield, despite not having much speed can slow down your opponents for 2 turns and they cannot do anything … unless you have the cleaning ability. Finally, it features armor piercing attacks. This hybrid is not so recommended to go up a lot because it does not yet have a super hybrid, its potential not being known as its rarity. Its creative ingredients are only obtained once a week without the help of incubators.

5- Purrolyth: The slowest crocodile of all. It is the result of the fusion of lythronax and purussaurus g2. Both in the wild state are obtained at specific points such as parks and the hybrid in the wild state is only obtained on Saturday, which rarely appears. This hybrid despite its indoraptor type design is one of the slowest rare overall. This point he makes up for slightly with his skills. A shield for 4 turns, can regenerate 50% health, increase its attack by 50% for 2 turns including the activation turn. It is a regularly functional tank, but it does not have much life. In this aspect, its 15% armor helps a little. This hybrid has a very interesting counter attack that after taking damage … he attacks
0.20x the opponent’s health … breaking shields and breaking through armor. This hybrid in terms of creation is only recommended if you are interested in grypolyth which is a powered version of it and better serves as a tank. This aspect is very important due to the rarity of the ingredients of purrolyth and the quantity of this for the creation of its own superhybrid (500). If you are not interested in grypolyth, then you can upload it and I recommend boosting speed and life. But it would be a very long investment and a little frustrating due to the rarity of its ingredients.

6- Majundasuchus: the weakest hybrid of all. It is the result of the fusion of the majundasaurus and nudansuchus, the latter is a grobal spawn and the other only appears in area 1 just like the hybrid. This hybrid has very little speed and does not have the means to slow down its rivals or increase its speed. It has a 2-turn shield to defend itself. It has the lowest damage of the rare hybrids, but it can be increased by 50% which also activates when it makes an exchange and has a counter attack that goes through an armor and does x1 damage when it takes damage. It has the cleaning ability that cancels all the negative effects on itself caused by the rival. This does not work very well individually due to its low life and attack … it does not have basic attacks that have negative effects on the opponent. In terms of creation it is recommended to go for its epic superhybrid because by itself it has to be at a very high level and have many stat boosts to work (a waste of coins unfortunately). A serious advantage that is easier to create than purrolyth, but does not compensate for anything else both defensive and offensive.

That would be all thanks a lot for your time;)


I highly recommend not spending coins on eniasuchus I leveled it to 22 and regret it…a lot


I would spend coins on these guys when you have a team of top tiers. I would also say purrolyth is much higher.


Purrolyth has No Escape, which should probably be mentioned.

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I love my level 26 purrolyth! Running around with him in the library. He makes quick work of ardentismaxima and gemini. Why? Because even though he has a 20% counter, once his ferocious strike is on its really a 30% armour piercing counter. But I do have mine mega boosted. 117 speed, 4500 life, 1175 attack.

Well, I mean

Majun has the highest possible damage of rare hybrids.

Purrolyth can deal exactly as much against an opponent with 6000 HP. Also, Purrolyth’s counter as well as it’s basic move go through Shields and Armour, while Majunda’s do not, so it deals more damage more reliably.

Once in a great while Diplotator is referred to as Demon Tater. :cowboy_hat_face:

What do you mean, majundasuchus is the best creature in the entire game

Number 1 and 6, no change.
Personally i Thinking Purrolyth on 2.
Diplo on 3
Einia on 4
Ankylodocon on 5

Also i dont recommend Boost on Slow Creatures. If they were slow, They slow. Dont waste boost on it

Diplo and enia are close, but better than ankylocodon but worse than suchotator. Purrolyth can be anywhere with them, but it’s been so long since we had a tournament like this that I forgot what it’s like

I faced a boosted 22 diplotator, my indom was wrecked. I never underestimate any dino now.