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Rare hybrids


Make an event that includes the following rare hybrids: suchotator,diplotator,and ankylocodon for the people who can’t find the dinosaur dna for them or people who need to level them up
Edit: if anyone would like to join my alliance to give dna it’s name is : dilo fam . Thanks!


Leave the house, outside of anklycodon tjose are some of the easiest hybrids to make… im sure l3 and l4 players would love to see more diplo and suchomimus on their streets.


Ask your alliance members for some Diplocaulus DNA donation.
All of us L3 players always be willing to give you these annoying amphibian which surrounding here everyday.


It’s very rare to find a ankylo gen 2 and ophicodon here in Texas :cry:


My alliance isn’t that active and it’s not that hard finding diplo but it’s hard getting irri


Everything you’ve mentioned is easily attainable. If not through finding the dinosaurs themselves, by completing strike events and receiving DNA. I have more than 10,000 DNA for every ingredient creature you mentioned and I don’t even dart the components.


In Texas it’s not… ankylo gen 2 is extremely rare and ophi is also rare. Plus suchomimus!


You gotta look in parks both are anytime park spawns.

Parks spawns in general are in a bad spot right now… but i normally see an anky gen 2 atleast once a day driving past a park near me.


Does it depend where you live?


Suchomimus is not in anyway rare… you need to find a local 4 and there will be plenty of them… texas is a big state you cant possibly tell me there is no suchomimus in texas.


Well there is suchomimus but I rarely go out to Arlington ,Dallas etc


This will probably give you a better understanding of where to find what.


This game is going to require a bit of traveling to other locals then the one you live in… but my experience most locals are small in a 15 minute trip i can hit all 4 locals as a passenger. This game is poorly designed to only be played on foot… car or a bike is pretty huge game booster.


Take some change and hit the bus. Also schools parks shopping centers movie theaters etc.


Thanks for the help! I’ll be going to parks more now.


Yup. They aren’t the only ones but if your in a city setting seriously hop the bus and pop a scent. A couple of cross or around town busses will put you through all the L zones and parks.

If your rural I don’t know what to say as I’m stuck in new york city.

Also keep in mind that Dino’s get more Hotpoint than attack points so eventually they all pretty much even out. So if there is alot of them around you dart them level them and learn them.

"run what ya brung "


But they dont eventually even out in the least bit at all… the vast majority of dinos in this game cant be used after 4k trophies. Their are 23 apex tier dinos and 7 tyrant tier dinos… some of the apex tiers dinos arent even considered desirable.

The idea that all dinos even out is pretty much about the farthest from the truth as you can get.


Look at thier stats.


Stats are only half the equation move set is just as important… a good dino that has good stats isnt as good as a dino with a superior kit.

Look at the leaderboard. See those teams? Lesser leveled versions of those teams are what you start facing at 4k trophies… you think we all spend the amount of dna required to fuse 10 dna on a unique if commons and rare where viable… because with the exception of a few they are not…once you run into a few tryko or dieno your realize just how big the gap can be… its their kits that make them killers