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Rare incubator ( st. Patricks week )

Dear Ludia,

I was looking for hours outside for Velociraptor under the event supply drops but i didn’t find more then 11. 90% was Allo and Tarbo. I also did notice a really downgrade on event drops (maybe because the chests?!?).

Also the rare strike tower didn’t give me Velociraptor.

Now when i was home i bought 4 times the special rare incubator and NONE velociraptor. I know you dont get it all the time but none incubator got the Velo??? I’m really disappointed and hope there is a way you can compensate me?

I’m looking forward for your answer back.

Best regards,
Pieter #8192

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So let me get this right… u want compensation because u didnt get something that wasn’t guaranteed in the first place?

Hmmm interesting logic

“I didnt get what i want. Give me what i want”

That’s what ur post sounds like

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I guess there is something wrong with the incubators that i buyed… 4 times the same doesn’t seen right with only 3 possible commons. I’m thinking getting Velo wasn’t possible.

I’d like to see other people’s results. I just did the blue strike and didn’t get velociraptor. My girlfriend and I also each bought 4 rare incubators and none of them had velociraptor. Theoretically each incubator should have a 66% chance of having velociraptor.

It’s very odd that none of ours had any.

Did any one get velociraptor?

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I have opened 2 rare incubators, neither containing velociraptor either…

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I opened 3 looking for Velo, got none. Something is fishy.

EDIT: Rare strike tower had no Velo either.

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Ok, I didn’t think twice about it when I didn’t get any Velociraptor DNA for beating the strike tower, but now I’m suspicious… :thinking:

I got Velo. And I’ve seen plenty in the event towers. :slight_smile:

You got velo from what? And how have you seen “plenty” theres only the 2 from today.

I was not talking about raptor under the event drops but about it in the strike tower battle incubator and the incubator that you could buy…

Obviously, Velociraptor is not on offer… Didn’t get any from the strike event nor from the two rare incubators I purchased… Not paying for the remaining two rare incubators, sorry Ludia…

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You said you were looking for hours under the supply drop, so yes you were talking about that :slight_smile: Anyway, the “and” means that I got Velo from the strike tower AND supply drop.

@Grimparadox What 2? I’m talking about the supply drops, where I’ve seen plenty.

We are talking about the lack of raptor in the rare incubators. Correct me if I’m wrong but you seem to be talking about the event spawns?

It more seems like a trap set up by ludia to lure velo hunters lol

Now when i was home i bought 4 times the special rare incubator

It seems some things have to be learned the hard way. Stop wasting your money on useless overpriced incubators, really not worth it.

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As I’ve said three times, I’m talking about both. So was OP.

There is a simple solution for these kind of problems.And i have mentioned it several times.

Incubators Give us the ability to choose the Dinos from a pool you have provided,reward will pop up with 2 or 3 choices(for Commons,Rares and Epics)

8 : 15000 coins
7: 24 Darts
6: 3220 Stego or 3220 Apato or 3220 Lythronax (we choose one reward)
5: 2500 Sarco or 2500 Tany or 2500 Dilo Gen 2 (we choose one reward)
4: 250 Echo or 250 Dracorex or 250 Agentino (we choose one reward)
3: 400 Tenonto or 400 Megalo or 400 T-Rex 2 (we choose one reward)
2: 200 Sino or 200 Kentro or 200 T-Rex (we choose one reward)
1: 300 Anky or 300 Ourano or 300 Secondo (we choose one reward)

And in our case we would have to pick two from three choices.


@Ned could you please look into this? There are no velociraptors in strike tower incubators and special rare incubator you could buy in store with the weekly dinosaurs. I’m waiting for your respons. Thanks a lot!

There is still no change of getting velociraptor out of the strike tower incubators. What is wrong Ludia?