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Rare Marsupial strike tower

How cheap can they get?

100 Marsupial only? No coins, no nothing. Why so stingy?


Was looking forward to the coin addition… Nothing…


Actually a waste of time. Don’t do it. Unless you like Thylacotator.

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What I don’t understand is we always get that rare strike tower every Wednesday, so why reduce the rewards in this one. I thought Ludia would want to encourage gameplay.


Agreed. Usually it’s an actual rare incubator, but this was so cheap. Not even a title, no good dna, no coins, not even darts. Just a small amount of Mlion. Only enough for 4 fuses of Thyla. Or the unlock and leveling up once for Mlion itself. This is just embarrassing and ridiculous on Ludia’s part. This was a fun incubator to look forward to. But if it stays like this, there will be no reason to do it unless it grants exclusive dna.

You think it’s on purpose? Surely just a bug they don’t plan to acknowledge or fix


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Of course it’s on purpose, this is not the first time they done this.

The fact it had a very low level Marsupial as the only opponent shows it was intended to be a cheap incubator.

For months now, since they added this incubator featuring a specific rare, the opponent has always been a single level 16 and every time up until now, the reward has been 100 featured dna plus the rare incubator. So, I’m not really following - yes, a few random times in the past they have also screwed up the tower rewards, but not a higher rate than they screw up anything else in the game :man_shrugging:


Hey remmy411, I don’t believe it’s a bug but I can try and ask our team for further confirmation.

Update: the Incubator is providing the correct reward.

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Pretty sure it’s not a bug, they’ve definitely done reduced rare strike towers like this before. Nothing to indicate it has ever been a bug. Just Ludia’s strange decision making.


Don’t worry they probley re sell a marsupial lion Inc as it supposed to be in store to make up for it .

Yea fr!! I was like where coin?

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I walked outside to get just to get almost nothing â•®(â•Ż_â•°)â•­

The need to make things worth more in the first place and probably make them harder I haven’t had to do anything with strategy for a long time

Not worth walking for.
Pretty stingy prize.

yesterday the master incubator strike i got a trex incubator but no coins only 200 rexy dna

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this is truly disappointing

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Lets hope it is the last time they use a RARE strike tower for rewards lower than a COMMON strike tower. They put on a special olympic event and give rubbish rewards. :man_shrugging:

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Your right about low level! I used a team of cunning creatures against it (level 11-12 epic) and won with no losses

Bad answer.

If we cannot trust an incubator to provide rewards commensurate with the coloring, the entire calendar is meaningless and Ludia’s credibility with the players is just further destroyed.

I don’t really care if Ludia wants to make incubators with such trash rewards, but more reliability is expected when people have to leave their house and go to some arbitrary street corner or spot in the middle of the woods to do these.

As I mentioned to support, making them very light grey or :poop:-colored would be preferable to set expectations appropriately.