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Rare only Tournament

What will you plan on using for this? Since boosts are disabled and everything is autoleveled to level 26, im going to partake this time, unlike last tourney

My planned team

Erlikosaurus gen 2

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My team will likely be:

T.Rex G2

i think the “must” will probably be suchotator,einiasuchus ,ornitomimus and probably postosuchus.
I don’t really know for the rest but these one are certainly sure

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Those are the one’s I was thinking of too.

For me probably

Einiasuchus (Stun power ,powerful set ,regen against the bleed)
Postosuchus (126 speed and ferocious impact)
Suchotator (bleed ,good moveset)
Marsupial lion (i think its a nice occasion to test it,a 117 speed but incredible 50%dmg ,maybe he can do the job?)
Elasmotherium (same as before,30% armor with 4200 hp?i need to try)
scaphognatus (a swap in bleed with regen can be good)
Whuerosaurus (a better version of stegosaure,4800hp decent dmg ,goodslower to bring a set up damage dealer)
For the end,i hesitate with arambourgiana (instant invincibility),erlikosaurus gen 2 (to beat oritomimus at the speed feast + debilatiting strike) ,carnotaurus (good counter attack) and dracorex (very good speed,instant stun and swap in strike!)

where was this announced? :scream:

rare only?
let’s go speed tier a lot. :man_dancing:

I think purrolyth will be really good as well.


The raptor squad will finally be able to get a hit in without being SI-OHKO’d.

i thought the same, it was in many teams when that other lesser tourney.

And I love the fact that it can actually stand up for itself now, compared to the weakling it used to be. Definitely one of those match-deciding dinos.

Agreed! And this kind of tournament is where it can really shine. The reworked stats did wonders for it.

my team:
erlik g2
(-tjpeekapoo1,) I hope to rank between 1-50

I don’t know why but I dislike tourneys with everything at lvl 26. It gives lower players a chance which is cool, I like that.

My main gripe is everyone uses the same team and it just comes down to a lot of rng and speed ties.

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True, but there can be a degree of variability in the teams, depending on the size of the pool of available creatures. In the common tournament for example, most teams started out the same, but some dinos were booted altogether and the players branched out into quite a few different combinations.

That’s why I hate them; if you’re in the UK you have no chance speed tie wise against someone in North America; I tend to time the majority of my battles for when those in North America are asleep.


Why is that? I’m just genuinely curious. Is it because of better internet speeds in America? If so, then I didn’t know that. Or is it because Americans are closer to Canada? So they reach the servers faster. I’m not sure, just wondering.

Proximity to Canada is my assumption based on what people have said about Ludia’s server locations; could just be my paranoia though :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t known that just being closer would change a match so drastically.

I had Suchotator on my team for so long I know exactly where the buttons are - during equal level tournaments there are some people I just can’t beat in a speed tie no matter how quick I am - ok, they could just be better than me, but I’ll continue to believe its server proximity :wink:

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If everything else is equal… cpu, network speeds ect… location will be the deciding factor. On top of that someone farther away from the servers can still lose to someone who actually pushes the button after them if their input isnt the one recieved first.