Rare Raid Rewards - No Epic DNA


I just won my second rare raid this evening and was disappointed not to get some Epic DNA. I was expecting minimum 32 Epic DNA as advertised.

Checking back in to the rewards section, I can see what happened. The field where the Epic creatures are displayed is just a copy of the rare ones, below. I’m going to attach a screenshot of this.

Clearly there are no Epic creatures here!! Lazy copy and paste perhaps? Tsk tsk. So looks like your DB need updating, refreshing, etc…

Have fun!

Thanks :blush:


Thanks for the report @SleepyBunnii! We will inform the team. :sauropod:

Hey @SleepyBunnii, Would you kindly email us at support+alive@ludia.com with this info and your support key so we can investigate this issue further please?

Thank you so much!