Rare Scary Creatures Incubator Results

Special Offer

Rare Scary Creatures Incubator - Level 17
Cost: 900 game cash

Minimum Guaranteed
4,526 Coins
699 Rare
3,530 Common DNA
=4,229 Total DNA

1st Incubator Received:

1,923 Velociraptor DNA (Common)
1,606 Allosaurus (Common)
421 Suchotator (Rare)
279 Gorgosaurus (Rare)

2nd Incubator Received:

2,487 Velociraptor DNA (Common)
1,043 Allosaurus DNA (Common)
315 Spinosaurus DNA (Rare)
384 Gorgosaurus DNA (Rare)


I decided to get two more of these incubators because they are just that good! For the last 5 months or so, Velociraptors have been way more rare than T-Rex for me. A common should never be 10 times more rare than an epic, but that is how it has been for me and I’ve seen others post about this as well. So I have a ton of T-Rex DNA that I can never use and no Velociraptor DNA, so I can’t level up my Indoraptor. The Velociraptor DNA in these incubators is invaluable to me! The Spinosaurus DNA is awesome too, since I use Spinotasuchus on my team.

3rd Incubator Received:

2,766 Velociraptor DNA (Common)
763 Tanycolagreus DNA (Common)
310 Spinosaurus DNA (Rare)
390 Suchotater DNA (Rare)

4th Incubator Received:

768 Allosaurus DNA (Common)
2,762 Velociraptor DNA (Common)
185 Suchotator DNA (Rare)
514 Spinosaurus DNA (Rare)

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