Rare Scent Capsule Results


Keep in mind you’re still using darts, so you will get low pretty fast! We let some of the commons escape so we could save our darts for the creatures we wanted.

All the dinosaurs appear within your inner circle so you will have maximum drone time to capture them and your scent circle will travel with you if you’re in a car or walking.

2 Spinosaurus
2 Amargasaurus
1 Giraffatitan
1 Hatzegopteryx
2 Parasaurolophus
1 Allosaurus

Rare scent garbage?
Results from Rare Scent Capsule
Rare Scent capsule

I had 10 dinos total for my rare scent capsule

3 rare
7 common

The commons were common to my area and I have tens of thousands of DNA for each of those dinos. So that sucked but the rares were okay.


|Rare Capusle (18min)

suchomimus (common)
spinosaurus (rare)
ankylosaurus (epic)
parasaurolophus (common)
Wuerhosaurus |rare|
suchomimus |common|
Apatosaurus |common|
Stegosaurus |Common|
Monolophosaurus gen2 |Common|
Giraffatitan |Rare|

All land within 20-50 feet of you. I think this is awesome and cant wait to see what you get with an Epic.
As a note the dinos did seem to be from my local zone, so that could be helpful to go harvest other zone dinos that are hard to find.


5x Drakorex Gen 2
3x Iguanodon
1x Tijuangosaurus
1x Gorgosaurus

Thank god this was a free reward.


5 diplocaulus
1 diment gen 2
1 ophiacodon
1 utahraptor
1 carnotaur
1 kaproshucus

For free :rofl::rofl:


Anyone tried opening it while moving?


A dinosaur spawns every 2 minutes.

I got 10 total, 7 common and 3 rares.

I think the description of the capsules are misleading, as it made it sound like the rare capsule would spawn only rares.

I used the capsule at my work where there are no spawns and got the above, so there is no “contamination” from normal spawns.

That being said, I love this addition. Can’t wait to save up for epic scents.


Wow that’s great! :star_struck: Thanks for letting us know. Can’t wait to use my first one, but I will try it outside my house, in a place with some supply drop to keep collect darts when hunting.


1000 gamedollars for an Epic One is stretching for it through. Doing a few evolves is this game is equivilent of buying a AAA title for a console/PC


Honest question, not trying to be snarky. Feet or meters?


I had 9 dinosaurs appear within 15 meters of me. Not one of them was rare, what a joke!


I can see these rare scents and other scents being trash if they only give 1 rare crap dino that you can get anytime on the map . Common you can do better then that… I’m not gonna even waste darts on common dino so scrap that scent unless it’s something I never see which isn’t 1 I haven’t and most are pretty common or end up in the days of Dino’s. They aren’t a bad idea but at least give us decent Dino’s and more then 1 !! I sat here for 20 mins staring at the screen for a horrible rare dino that I have 20k DNA of already zzzzzz

As for the rest of the update it’s great no complaints .

I guess making these comments will help with changes in the updates in the future . That’s my target with this comments .

Thanks for the update overall great so far :tada:


I was very disappointed. I got 2 rares and it was just Tenon- I wish they’d give us real useful rare dinos, not ones I see every day and can’t use even in a hybrid fuse. For 200 cash is why I think it’s trash. It should be way cheaper if that’s what it’s handing out!


You people cry too much


Not crying simply implying what changes need to be made. You obviously are a taker just take what you get and deal with it… I always state the obvious and what changes need to be made to keep the gamers happy.

It’s too bad you didn’t “cry” like us lmao :rofl:

DinoLord OUT!! Pfft


Tbh I bought an epic one just to see what the hype was like got one erliko which I’m already in the zone for anyway and it escaped in about ten seconds. The rest were common with one tuojiwhatever


That’s appalling!!!


My own daft fault I just wanted to see if you would get anything good :joy: never again!


And it’s all the same rubbish from your normal zone… What’s the point of that


I used an epic and had a mono and 2 erliks spawn