Rare scent capsule - updated feedback

So against my better judgement, especially from previous use of it and the apparent nerf to them, i bought a lot of these monday and went dilo hunting.

I wanted to share my results before i forgot - i saw lots of dilos. Like, enough to get from 18 or 19 to 20 (I forget). Average of 2 per capsule, along with a total average of probably 5 rares a capsule.

I was very happy, to say the least.

I wanted to return and report.

How are rare capsules working for you lately?

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I don’t like rare scents, I buy commons and I get LOADS of rares and a few epics from them.


yeah i prefer the large common scent over rare scent for dilos and dimes. but you cant buy those. my experience is 2 to 3 of what i want from a rare scent.

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I am not a fan of any scent capsules. They do nothing for me, usually. I get a bunch of purussaurus gen 2 and lythronaxes.

I set off four Rare scent capsules in Zone 2 where I stay most of the week during the last two days and I got at most 2 rares per capsules. The rares I get are either one of the Raptors or Tupandactylus.

Tried a different Zone 2 this afternoon and 1 Dracorex spawned. I may try again for science to see if it isn’t just a fluke.

I’ve given up on Dilos, I’ve used 10 rare scent capsules in Zone 1 but never got a Dilo. Did have one Concavenator spawn, however.

I got a epic scent capsule today from a strike event, not sure how many epic dinos I got from the capsule itself but I had 6 t-rex, 1 flying dino and a convector (can’t remember its proper name) show up during the 20min period plus a couple of rare dinos and common types.

I got one from the scent strike today and got a Megalo and two Kapros from it when I used it ten minutes ago. I’m not displeased. But then again I’ve always liked the scents since day one, except the one epic that no dinosaurs appeared at all but they reimbursed my 1000 in game cash so. Can’t complain.

You’ll have to come to my dino party then. Dilos are literally on every corner in my town all day long.

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Omg :star_struck: You get as many Dilo as I get Megalo here!

I actually get loads of Megalo here too. It’s insane.