Rare Scent capsule


Who got a rare scent capsule as a gift???


I did as well, so I’d wager all the players received one.


I got 1 rare…


Yup… 2020


Yep! Thanks, Ludia, this looks like fun!


From my free rare capsule I got 10 dinos lured to me. 3 were rare and 7 common.


Interesting, and was it gradually over the course of 20 minutes? And how close were they, within darting distance, or within your 150 border?


Hope there is a way to get epic capsules without buying them


So I used mine. You get 1 dino every 2 minutes, starting at 19:59 on the countdown on down, 17:59, 15:59 etc. I got a sucho, wuerho, para, para, sucho, rare trike, giraffe, dimetro gen 2, steggy and I think another para. I believe the scent capsule moves with you, I stayed at home, but had a few small jumps with location. They spawned about 50 feet away.


Here are my Rare Scent Capsule Results.

Ludia said in the release notes that we can get 1 scent capsule per day from supply drops, but it looks like a common scent capsule when you click on a supply drop, so we don’t know yet if the RNG allows for a rare or epic scent capsule yet.


Anyone notice if more than 1 at a time would spawn


Just 1 spawned at a time for me. 1 every 2 minutes.


I want to use mine but I’m hesitant. I’m on a military runway helping FEMA and due to that I have no dinosaurs at all near me. Does anyone know if you use the capsules in a area that doesn’t have dinos will they appear because of it being a capsule?


Just one at a time for me as well. I wasn’t sure if having a dino there would stop the next one from spawning so I just darted the commons I didn’t want one time only and let it escape to save darts.


My guess is that it doesn’t matter if dinos are around or not, your scent capsule should work. You’re in the perfect situation to use it actually, let us know if it works!


They were within the inner circle, so you will have maximum time on your drone. The scent circle traveled with me as well.


I was noticing 2 at a time was spawning inside my capsule, got a few much needed Titans :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting your findings. I will certainly ignore some commons if I want to save some darts in case of good rare’s come along. Thanks again.


I darted everything, had full darts to start and with vip ended up with 6 darts left. 7 commons and 3 rares.


The capsules DO work in a no dino area. All within the 150 circle. 20min rare capsule 10 dinos.
Order for me
Dilopho rare
Tenontisaurus rare
Triceratops rare
Dilopho com
Deinocheirus com
Dilopho com
Einocheirus com
Eino com
Sarccosuchs com
Amargasauras rare
Thanks for talking me into :blush::wink: