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Rare Scent Strike 06/06/2020

This weekend’s Rare Scent Strike seems to be missing. Am I unlucky with the placement for the second day in a row or is it not there?


I don’t have it at all on my map…:thinking:

No I don’t see it either was meant to be over both days by the looks of it

It could be the second half of the day

I don’t see it on my map either. :pensive:

Aye, same issue here.

According to the schedule, it’s supposed to replace the epic strike tower later. It’s not supposed to be on the map yet.

Still no rare scent strike… smh…why am I even surprised anymore with Ludia

It’s there, I just beat it

You should consider yourself lucky.

Do we even bother to send a ticket?
The last time this happened, one of those strikes that seems more like an ilussion than a right thing, my ticket came back with a “thanks, but it was indeed in the map, we would try to make it more accessible next time”.

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@Viatovic I’m gonna wait to hear what @Ned says tomorrow…

@Dankysaurus I don’t mean the rare strike I mean the rare scent strike

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Darn it. I knew those butterflies were up to no good. :laughing::butterfly:


Does anyone see the rare scent strike on the map? @Ned is there an issue with this? Could you take a look please. I see the sauropod but no rare scent strike

It will be the second half of the day at 10pm EST. So about 11 hrs and 15 min from now. When you see the double strikes on the infographic the first one is out for 12 hrs and then that dissapears and second one is out.

The rare scent is meant to be today and Sunday; every other time they have featured this it only showed up on the Sunday.

The other one is 12 hours special scent then 12 hours for regular scent.

I think there’s three scent strikes this weekend though, the split one with sauropod, and then there’s a blue scent strike that spans over Saturday and Sunday on the weekly event calendar.

Ah I see that now. I was thinking the split for some reason.

It seems to happen when this rare strike is on the weekend calendar. It doesn’t seem to show up on the map.