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Rare spot open with strategic alliance - Michigan Monsters

It’s been a while since you have seen me post in here because Michigan Monsters rarely has spots open but we have 2 available. If you are looking for a strategic alliance that has created a fun community and **works together as a team ** (you should see our sancs strategy), you’ll want to join us. We’re a GamePress partnered alliance, have members from all over the world; often run alliance tournaments and games, our discord is full of chat, GIFs and discussion and we’re working on our strategy to be a 5/5 alliance (we’re solid 5/4). So if you are looking to geek it out with a great alliance, DM me and we can chat.

We don’t mind any trophy count but you need to be a daily player. We are looking for people who both dart and collect their daily battle incubators. We also require you to be on Discord so feel free to directly message me there Steph#2626


Coke’s on me for first people to join.
Pepsi fanboys, stay away. You.have.been.warned. !!!


Great people with a respected leader! Highly recommended for a dedicated daily player that is looking to be part of a group aiming for 5/5!


I highly recommend this alliance - Steph is an awesome leader, great group - you can’t go wrong if you choose to become a Michigan Monster!

P.S. They have fun alliance tournaments coordinated on their Discord server where friends - like me - can participate :slightly_smiling_face:


I tried to message you on discord

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Aww thanks @DeLana and @Kodiakhunter1, you both are the bees knees.

@Jus_Tina, saw your request, will message you here shortly! :slight_smile:


@Ned, any idea what is going on here? My posts keep getting immediately flagged and I have to wait for a mod to approve. I used to post much more than I do now but honestly, the amount of times my posts are moderate by the system (always manually approved, btw) seems unusually high. Any insight?

Hey this one was posted right away, whoop whoop!

Hey Scotlandyank, more information on J.C’s post here:

Thanks Ned. That makes sense now for the first original post but not Aww Thanks post. Either way, I’ll chalk it up filters. Have a lovely day :slight_smile:

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