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Rare tower with Dracoceratops


No no, this is not another love or hate Rat topic.

This is about the rare strike tower today with a lvl 17 Dracoceratops in it!

It made me think… could you imagine an epic strike tower with a lvl 30 Dracoceratops on the team? HAHA!


Good point. It’s been awhile I want to bring thor back to do these towers, now I have a legit reason.


But a lv30 dracoceritops by its self is easy man


Just use immune or big dealers to kill it


Level 30:
HP: 3647
Base attack: 1410


On it’s own yes, but stick in the constant swap-ins like Ludia likes to do. Not saying a lvl 30 is impossible, far from it, but more about repeated swap-ins.


Would hate a tower like this: lvl30 dracorex, lvl30 dracorex gen2 and lvl30 dracoceratops :smiley:


I think ludia is hinting that Dracocera is here to stay…


What happened to the swap in going to 1x dmg instead of 2x? Was that info just troll posts or something?


Honestly if they go with that nerf but fix her Acute stun, I would still find her useful.


Here’s a better question. Can I not? I don’t wanna think about a level 30 rat as part of a boss strike, not unless it’s by itself…