These things are starting to spawn like sarcos :roll_eyes:
Both these photos are right now and both in view from my house…


Yeah, seeing more Dimetros here, too. Both sorts. I think the unusually hot and humid conditions of late are drawing out all the swamp/wetlands dinos.


I have more rare dimetrodons than I know what to do with. They’re literally everywhere in my neighbourhood. I’m not even bothering to catch them during the event.


Starting to get a marked increase in rare dilos as well. Usually the gen 2 dilos are spamming it up across my map, but looks like the rare ones are beginning to move in as well.


Yeah, Dimetrodon is one of the Rares always spawning in tons. That’s why mine is LV 17 already (20 required for Unique Hybrid).

I’ve used my Event tries for 10x Irritator of course.


Yeah, me too, this is why I used all 10 event attempts on Irritator today.