Rarely get to select Raptor


Hi guys!

I have a question… Hope someone can explain.
I know the cpu chooses 4 dino’s for you to battle that are leveled as much as possible to your opponent. (In many battles it doesn’t really seem to, but hey…)

But lately I don’t get what’s going on… Ever since my Raptor became a level 17, I hardly get to pick him anymore. He’s only available once every 8 to 9 games average (I counted). While my opponents are sometimes ferocious compared to my team!! And in many battles they do have a V Raptor.

My other dino’s all varying from level 12 to 19 (epic to common) so it’s not that my Raptor is higher then the rest. Does anyone know why the cpu keeps my Raptor out?


P.S. I’m in arena 7 if this is any help. “The land of the bots”. Lol!


It just seems to get stuck for a while picking the same 4 or 5, I notice it a lot.