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Rarely showing Event, or something like that To Get Slid Gold VIP creatures

This suggestion will may be a bit controversial, but I would like an possibility to get Solid Gold VIP creatures without paying money on VIP. Something like an rare or with badges unlockable Event (like clash of titans) or something different.

This suggestion may sound quite stupid for some viewers, but I remember how I wanted to get in my park Plotosaurus, until I discovered that I have to be payed VIP. So I was really disappointed. I couldn’t dare to pay these stuff in the game, cause I’m not rich person.

Another thing is with Rhomaleosaurus. I remember older days, when this aquatic creature was a normal legendary category. You could unlock it in “What Lies Beneath”. But now I don’t have acess to this creature anymore how it now is in Solid Gold VIP category. If it would be possible, I would like to see him avaliable in WLB again. But I’m not so sure it will gonna be possible.

Edit: Now I got some tactics and tips to reach them. Thank you people in the comments and don’t delete them, so I can find them and use their tips.

Hello? Somebody here?

Then I don’t see why players would even want to go for a VIP subscription, it defeats the whole purpose of the SG+ packs.

You have a chance to get SG+ creatures in Prize Drop’s Platinum Prize Wheel if you grind. However, VIP creatures may not be featured in WLB since it’s too OP to be given away like that in an easy event like WLB.

I mean my brother got quite lucky cause at the point he got it he had just 2 maxed triceratops and 1 maxed argentino he got a ostafrika from a daily missions pack then a small moment later he got his first solid gold pack (reg) and got a presto from it

You can get them from Diamond prize drop and pay about 4000 DB a week. Not really worth it but that’s the only way you can get them as a non VIP.

Normal solid gold packs are available for all players.


K, will try to do, thanks.

Do bronze every day. There are 2 DNA silver tickets every week. At the end of the week spend some bucks on diamond wheel.

Only 2 or 3 50K VIP creatures are NOT in the diamond spin. It may take awhile and a lot of DB, but you can get the rest this way.

I think they are the new 50k vips. The octapus that starts with T, Procerato, and some other one. That is because Ludia was too lazy to update the prize drop/it was deliberate.