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Rarer Ingredient, Better Hybrid?


Does not make sense.

  1. In real world, rarity does not make anything stronger or weaker. All kinds of examples there.

  2. In game, dinos with higher rarity are created with higher level and fusing with less DNAs, which
    neutralizes the difficulty of obtaining. Also, most time players spend on this game is probably darting common dinos. The common dinos should be the basis of the game instead of being genetically inferior.

  3. Is the new dino fused by two gen 2 dinos designed for new or FTP players so that they can waste their valuable coins and be beaten hard by those other players who do not bother to create it? Unless it gets a huge buff, I would recommend no one to create that thing.

Every dino deserves an equal life or at least being meaningful.

Despite all above complaint, JW alive is a nice game and Ludia is doing good. This is also the reason why I am writing this.


In the real world, the most common thing is average. Something above average is rare, and something exceedingly spectacular is even more rare. In this case rarity can indicate that it is better.

You see this in nature a lot, there are fewer apex predators, and a whole lot more weaker creatures. It’s a natural method to preserve the species. The higher on the food chain, the fewer offspring you need to ensure your survival as a species. The lower on the food chain, the more offspring you need to ensure your survival.

On the other hand, some diseases are very rare, but are not particularly beneficial making that rarity less useful than the average disease that people can catch and overcome.

In other forms of collecting, rare simply is a reflection of availability not necessarily quality. The Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978 is now very rare to own a copy of… but it does not make it good in any way shape or form… lol.

In a game where you have to battle with things you collect, it is expected (though it shouldn’t be) that the rarer the designation, the better it should be. People expect a tangible payout for the effort put forth to collect it.

Commons have a tendency to be over-leveled and that’s the only way they can compete with a higher rarity dinosaur typically.


Sorry, when I was saying rarity, I mean those non-hybrid dinos(or real dinos), which is or potentially will be an ingredients for hybriding. In real world, statistically speaking, everything is kinda normal distributed. Common thing indeed is average. However, those extremely rare thing could either be very strong(top of the food chain) or very weak(natural elimination).

Also, I agree on your point of better payout with more effort, but only on hybrids. Isn’t 500 per fuse and start from level 1 kind of more efford? While fusing, do you lack rarer ingredients in every cases? Probably not.

It is pretty clear for this game that non-hybrids are for hybriding and hybrids are for battle. What I meant is Ingredients should be equally treated based on the system of the game right now.