Rarity and power & strength pls answer

Ludia we normally take it that being a unique means it’s better but then you have some legrndaries and epics which are better than their uniques.

What is the actual official view on this.

You would think that’s the case but sadly no. There are a few really OP epic/legendary dinos that shouldn’t be able to defeat unique creatures but they do.

Their official view is the rarity and color of the creature is not as important as how much exclusive ingredients are needed/used to create a creature.
For example.
The Unique Geminititan is made using an Exclusive Epic in Diplodocus, an Exclusive rare in Arambourgiana, and a rare found in zone 4 only during the day in Koolasuchus Gen 2.
So it is the most powerful unique in the game.

On the other hand, the Unique Utarinex is made up of a Global Epic that is available 24 hours in Sinoceratops, a Global rare that is available 24 hours in Utahraptor and a rare in zone 2 that is available all day.
Utarinex is now considered one of the lesser Uniques in the game.

From their perspective exclusivity and harder to get creature DNA is the real determiner.
Another example.

The Legendary Indoraptor Gen 2 needs a rare only available on a single day of the week (T-rex gen 2), a rare only available at night in a specific zone (Echo), and the exclusive epic Blue.

The Unique Indoraptor is made of just the epic T-rex and a lot of the common velociraptor. Which are both 24/7 globals.

So again true rarity, as in the chance to actually get the ingredients, and the not the perceived creature rarity determines the power of the creature.

Another example and this will bother some people are two dinosaurs that have similar skill sets.

The Epic Procerathomimus is made up of the exclusive ingredient rare of Proceratosaurus and global rare that is only available during the day of Ornithomimus. This is not easy to level up.

The legendary Monomimus is made up of a super easy to get common in Gallimumus. Although it is an incubator only common, the more you battle, the more it gets stuffed down your throat. For many people it is the first common they would have enough DNA to level to 30. Mine is level 30, and I have about 200000 DNA of it left over, AND I have invested in Monomimus.
It is also made up of the super easy to shoot epic Monolophosaurus located in zone 3 and available 24/7.
One is much easier to build up than the other.

Now granted it would be nice if this game made the Uniques the most powerful in the game so we could build color coordinated teams, but instead it is about the exclusivity of the ingredients.

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in the case of some of these legendaries and epic hybrids (some rares too) The fact that they aren’t superhybrids is concerning. I feel that the class of hybrid should also be taken into consideration in terms of strength. these hard to get hybrids can still be strong, but something about them should be able to be improved upon to make a superhybrid with strength in accordance to how rare its ingredients are. Should also not be so game breaking that it gets its own tier on the list.


The part of my mind that believes in balance and fairness agrees with you. But this game is not about balance. In fact it is unbalanced and broken. If we want a balanced game, we have to play street fighter or chess(By the way E2-E4)
This game does have a balance aspect at the lower ranks, but it is also about creating profit. This means exclusive components that you have to make an extra effort to get, but for just a certain amount of cash you can speed up the process. This allows you to climb higher in the ranks but has created tier breaking creatures. 4 out of the top 5 dinosaurs have exclusive ingredients and are newer thanks to powercreep. (Where newer more powerful creatures are introduced)
It would be nice if they rebalanced things to prevent things from becoming stale, but they ruined that with boosts and the previously mentioned powercreep.
A solution would be a rebalancing and a full boost reset to every creature when ever it is altered.
Of course that requires hard work, play testing, integrity and a potential cut in short term profits for a possible long term gain.

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