Rarity Rework Poll: Class Edition Part 2

Pronunciation is “foo-koo-ee”.

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Tried making Monostego into more of a “wildcard”. Her strike now shatters+distract and should slow too but i forgot.

I know how to spell its name. It’s just that it sounds like “the word”, and I don’t want to risk any violations.

Nobody is violating the rules and terms by writing Fukui or anything named after it. If it truly was a violation to use the actual name, every other user would be spelling the names of Fukui and its dinosaurs differently. There’s even a user who goes by Fukuirex.

You know what I mean though right? Fukuisaurus sounds like the bad word, I just didn’t want to take the risk.

This poll implies that the developers want a balanced game where old creatures have some type of relevance in hopes they care about the long term longevity of the game. It clearly has been demonstrated, that power creep and getting players to invest in new creatures is their current burn the bridges sales technique goal.

You’ve lost me.

:person_facepalming: The “Fukui” part of Fukuisaurus sounds like the curse word that starts with F. I thought if I spelled its name, they would accidentally mistake it for that word.

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Even with how close it is to that word in appearance, the moderators shouldn’t have a problem with anyone writing out Fukui or Fukuisaurus or Fukuimimus or any other dinosaurs or hybrids named after that Japanese prefecture as long as it’s not used as a substitute for the F word-that-shall-not-be-named.

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