Rarity Rumbles - Week of 7/15

This week’s Rarity Rumble events leave me with a couple of observations.

  1. I need more Common and Rare hybrids.
  2. There really should be a Common Amphibian Hybrid

I’ve no shortage of the common and rare hybrids, but totally agree on #2. Definitely a frustration with these types of events.

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For the most part, I have one of each at level 40. Which is great, except when more than one would be nice. On these events, I found my level 40s were overpowered. On the other side, my regular creatures weren’t ready for prime time, although I was able to successfully use them as cannon fodder

Since I have no rare hybrids yet (but can make Pachyceratops today) and amphibians are generally my weakest point, a common amphibious hybrid would really be appreciated

Don’t really follow… the other side of what? My level 40 hybrids easily dispatched the opponents for this one, even with the Survival mod on the last round today. Normally I’d have thrown a Nullify at that, but I didn’t even need to for this one. The only common hybrid I have more than one of is the Alangasaurus, but I only used one of him, the pteros did most of the work on this one.

It’s definitely an odd hole to have in the game for the lower level players.

Diplotator was the first rare hybrid I made (cheapest, and needed the amphi), but Pachyceratops was right up there as well and is still doing good work for me now that I have a one at level 40.

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I haven’t even done the battle stage for it yet, just got really lucky in packs and some decent deals at the trade market

I was just comparing my regular commons and rares performance in these events to my hybrids performance. The AI ferocity was somewhere in between. Therefore, my hybrids were overpowered, and my regulars were underpowered. Sorry I was unclear.

Ah yeah the regular commons are all but useless in these.

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