Rarity tier called Unique?


I’m not super knowledgeable so maybe there is some backstory behind the name but isn’t ‘Unique’ a little underwhelming for the best tier.

I’m sure we could find a more interesting name yeah?
World eater?
Im dumb haha.


Only the indo can be called unique, considering her role in the movie. And she even has the unique animation set in the game.


Apex is used in the MetaHub tier list, so that can’t be a thing.


Actually I thonk there’s at least one or two other Uniques in the game aside Indoraptor.


Metahub is a fan site after all, it shouldn’t affect decisions of the game itself.

Anyhow I agree with the OP. Epic and Legendary sound much better than Unique imo


Indeed, but unlike indo they got duplicate animation pattern. For instance trykosaurus is based on the animated model of Trex. So far there’s none I’ve seen has replicated indo’s move.


I wouldn’t know how Indoraptor moves in battle; I don’t have one. I know the IRex was given the same animations as the Spino line, whick I find weird but it kinda makes sense. But the IRaptor is its own unique, so its rarity I feel shouldn’t be debated. After all, you need the IRex and more VRaptor just to make it anyway.


Yes, I-rex copied base 3D model from Spinosaurus.
But it got special roaring sound.
Also, Tryko & T-rex got different sound compare to Gorgosaurus, Allosaurus & Tarbo.:thinking:


Yeah quite a few dinos got special sounds…save for Dilophosaurus.


I was actually pleased at the diversity of animations and sounds in this game. Yes it’s obvious that they are shared with other dinosaurs but I don’t think it takes away from the gameplay due to how many different ones there are.


I agree. Common. Rare. Epic! LEGENDARY! Unique.

“Unique” almost sounds like a polite insult. “Oh, well that creature certainly is… unique.”