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Rat Extermination


And then there is those who use both lol.

Ahh Ludia, you’ve done it again!


Even know I’m in ruins its still ridiculous to see how Dracos are always many levels ahead. At least this one wasn’t boosted too. I have seen lvl 26 boosted rats. My highest dino is lvl 23 lol. I won the match too btw.



have you shared the 1.7 every single post to devs after 1.7 update?


I have! Along with a few about boosts and the last tournament.

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You know how I feel about the rat from my frequent contributions here. Well… guess who my newest team member is?

Initially I felt a bit hypocritical… but now I understand why they haven’t nerfed the rat - sometimes it’s the only defense we have against monsters far more OP than my new little buddy :rat:

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There is nothing more satisfying in this game at this time than ratting a ridiculously boosted rat


It’s even more satisfying killing a RAT without a rat or any boost :wink:



The stats belong to the opponent’s rat… mine is only mildly boosted (I’m a reluctant new rat user but think it’s justifiable right now).

But I agree, it’s better to get them with another dino :slightly_smiling_face:


I also have a rat at Lvl 17 non boosted at all I refuse to use him on 1vs1 in fact I just create him for strike events cus he is useful there :wink:

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Hey guys, I got an idea!! How about a Rat Exterminators theme song!! I want to hear some ideas


“Remy” kills others that apparent to be him

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