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Rat level 30

I have done 6 fights, 5 of them the rat level 30 shooted all my team alone, I can’t kill it with 5500hp 2200 dmg.
Really tired (my team is 24-28, only Thor can kill it but I didn’t had him once)


that sucks, and it’s bc of Ludia
maybe if u keep losing u will drop enough trophies and fight level 29 Dracos (still sucks that btw)


5500 health isn’t even possible for DC to have. And that would be tier 9 attack. Even i don’t fight rats like that at the higher ranks.


With last Wednesday’s health tower and sale I have seen several 5214 health DCs. Total waste if you ask me. Highest attack I’ve seen is 2121 I think - both tier 7.

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He probably got carried away with the numbers. Even if it’s around 5k or a little more, that’s enough to not be one shot…

I just had dozens of battles in the arena… most of them was against rats… I use it too (or else I’d be screwed against them), but it was selected half the times I had to face it… and so were my counters… Most rats at 28-30, and to make things better, the opponents usually also had Thor and/or Tryko

The result: losing streak of course… You can lose dinos like Erlido, Dilo and Magna with the opponent simply swaping to a Tryko, do ONE counter, and then you’re ready to be ratted immediately… so unbelievably stupid…


Ah yes the swap to Tryko/Dio counter then swap to rat spam. It’s the worst and then the Thor comes out. Literally nothing you can do with DC trolling like this. Think about it, if you remove dc from the equation in this, things aren’t that bad or boring…or predictable. And you can actually have a chance to win. I don’t blame for using it too. Rat the ratters. However, without it on your team…spammy no skill technique like this becomes even worse.


I believe what he/she meant is his/her Dino is at 5.5k HP and 2.2k Damage (…“I can’t kill it with 5500hp 2200dmg.”).

So with a team of L24-L28 Dinos his/her team can’t take out the L30 Rats (except for the Thor which has been rarely selected by the RNG).


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Your opponents have no skill and easy to beat. If i predict such moves, distract the Tryko and then Mega attack. Bang, Draco dead and Tryko injured. Or if they play a stupid tactic like that, throw your own Draco in. That kills theirs, and you have something to work with. Now they are second guessing when you are bringing in Draco again. That is hilarious seeing someone swapping a full life dino into your DSR then losing the match.

Draco to me brings some variety to the rock,paper, scissors style.of the old game. You wonder does the opponent have Draco, why did they pull Draco now? Why do they have no skill in using Draco?

I always say learn to deal with Draco. Its easier to counter than ErlikoS or Quetza.

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Lol easy to counter after you dinos already dead. Good philosophy


Hey stop hating on my beloved Zorion lol. My favorite right now. I can’t say the same for erlikos lvl 24 t6. It is nothing but rat bait one shot. I haven’t even been able to really see what it can do. It just gets ratted one shotted atm. So far its skill is to get the player to rat it right away and escape. Which is bad.

I know it’s an unskilled player when they do this sort of tactic. However, the truth is there’s so many players that rely on this play style that it’s basically every match now. And when dc is at such a higher level than both teams it becomes a problem. Rarity factor of bad mm. Which btw mm is making this worse than it is.

Until I can push my uniques to even higher levels (in this case close to lvl 30) those players can beat me just because of a level 30 rat that they boosted more than the rest of there team. It’s what we call there crutch dino. Where a player boosts the heck out of one and minimal boosts to others. And lose when they don’t draw that dino. I feel like boosting and leveling uniques to 30 shouldn’t be the answer to it is all.

It’s a little different when your team is lvl 24 avg and a lvl 30 dc comes in to the match with insane boosts. You can’t exactly kill it, not before it takes out two dinos mixed with the tryko counter. Then the overweighted Thor comes out and now you have nothing because of dc.

Might be different the higher you get, but not really where I am. Rat lvl 30 is the king over any uniques if they’re not lvl 27 at the minimum.

It’s the king of dinos at a certain point of mm. It’s not when its lower down. It’s not higher up. But in the middle somewhere the rat lvl 28-30 sneaks into battles where it shouldn’t be.

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Yeah it’s easy to counter a Draco 30… when your team is also level 30, 29 :sweat_smile:

The reality of the majority of players is having to deal with a Draco 3 or 4 levels above your team or even more… and you have NOTHING that can one shot it… Sure there are other ways to handle it, but it’s far from simple and depends on a perfect team selection… So there ain’t no “learn to deal with it” if none of your creatures’ level is high enough… There’s just luck and hope that the rat user is stupid… And there are many smart players using strong rats. It’s not just the unskilled.


Yeah even know most of it is mindless swapping and killing. These players know exactly how to do that even if it is mindless. They know exactly what dinos to surround this swap in with. They’re not stupid. I dislike when people suggest my opponents are stupid… The only thing that’s actually stupid is the tactic itself. It shouldn’t be a thing, it’s just getting really old now. We need new dinos or something idk anymore it’s literally every match now.

Exactly though his perspective may be correct at a different part of progress but below top players(players who don’t have lvl 27-30 uniques yet) there is a pretty serious rat infestation going on. And I think Ludia knows it too.


What is getting old is the need to play arena. Trust me once your Zorion is close to Draco, you will find Draco a joke. It works but having ErlikoS and Quetza ensures victory even against Draco.

The only reason I can see Nublar Beach is ironically boosts. People cannot boost their Quetza and ErlikoS high enough to make them viable.

I am actually more flustered when the opponent pulls a tier 7 lvl 30 TRex. DracoRat is literally part of the pain of wanting to play arena. You find a way around it or you accept you dun belong in the arena you are in. If Ludia could fix MM, many arena problems would be a thing of the past.

Many of the clowns using DracoRat are just lucky MM is helping them. Give them an actual opponent who knows how to beat their DracoRat and they are.toast.

If you depend on DracoRat to win, then you suck. Its crap and literally fodder against anything similar lvl and boost tier It loses to 1 to 2 lvl lower Erlids so not exactly hard to counter with RNG in team building.


Cool… Unfortunately, us mere mortals have Erlidos 25, 26, having to face rats 30 :joy: