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Rat Math

Yeah, I am playing the rat again. Not proud, but it’s not as broken as it used to be. Anyway, had an interesting match and trying to figure out what I am missing.

Had my Maxis out in the arena and had just taken out one of their dinos. They bring in their Tryostronix (4410 health). Cool, don’t see those that often these days. Tryo has the speed advantage and goes with RTC. Good call. Maxi hits with Rampage and gets in a good hit. Their Tryo is down to 880 health (or right about there). Quick math, Rat takes out 40% of max health, try has no shields, should be good.

I bring in the rat which takes Tryo down to 120 health. What?! Does anyone know what I am missing here (outside of playing the rat - I gett hat part).

Tryo is 50% resistant to rend

Oh dang! I did not even check that!! So many things have changed. You are 100% right. I need to read further before throwing something like that out.

Game is getting too complicated for my simple mind. Thanks @Isaah_Wii.


no shame playing dc again. its pretty good. good swap in and good field play.

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Still has the ability to clean and swap out. But yes, more balanced now than before.

Rend resistance through a lot of people for a loop.
No shame. LOL


Yep, it got me too. I had a post about this same thing.

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